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Click here to see a non-Muslim woman beat the ass of a Muslim man, for making unwanted advances.

Click here to read about Al Qaeda operatives living in Bowling Green Kentucky, receiving welfare benefits. Shocking.

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Many of the refugee men are arriving in Europe with their child brides. Click here to read this horrifying story.

The Muslim refugee men arriving in Germany are not only raping German women; but they're also raping their own women and children in the refugee centers. Click here to read.

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If you're starting to wonder why Trump was elected President; its because Americans are fed up with refugees/immigrants using us. Click here to read this awful story.

After hearing from several Iraqi refugees now living in Louisville Kentucky, we've heard stories that some of the women have turned to prostitution as an easy way to make money. How are they assimilating into American culture? They are using Social Media platforms such as Viber to conduct their transactions. Why Viber you ask? Its not well known. Even Iraqi men are now pimping the women and getting a cut of the money. What ever happened to them getting jobs and blending in? One of the requirements to stay in the USA is to maintain employment. These people should be deported for breaking our laws. These women are turning tricks in their free government funded housing too. Thats your tax dollars hard at work. These women don't believe in using condoms either; so they are spreading their STDs all around the community.

Click here to read what Muslim men have to say about incest. Caution: You will be disgusted.

Click here to read what many Muslim Imam's say about incest. This is sickening.

Click here to read about a world where pedophiles roam freely, right under the noses of police and government of Pakistan. In many cases, its the police and government who allow this to happen. Many of the police are illiterate. Its almost like medieval times. No child deserves this.

In this predominantly Muslim country, the Government refuses to implement anti-pedophelia laws, by saying the law would go against their religion. I feel sorry for every child in Pakistan. Click here to read this shocking documentary.

Some of the illegal thugs out there think they can just take our wives and do what they want. Click here to see what one man does to stand up and fight back.

When my husband was in Iraq from 2005 to 2011, he witnessed over 2400 Iraqis appply for the SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) Program; and when these Iraqis went to the US Embassy in Baghdad for their vetting interviews, 90% of them revealed that the interviews weren't very thorough. The interviewers were just Iraqis who worked at the US Embassy in Baghdad. So how are we supposed to feel secure about these so-called refugees? Just look what happened with several of the Iraqi refugees who ended up in Louisville Kentucky. They were convicted of providing material support for ISIS. Why didn't their vetting pick this up? Now they're over 10,000 refugees in Louisville. How do we know that others aren't planning something? DHS and FBI won't do anything until its too late. Many of the refugees also bring their sexual preferences with them to the US. Many of them are pedophiles and committed incest. Their religion allows this behavior. Their vetting process should include questions about this too. Bottom line is this; the current vetting process doesn't work. Our government needs to take another look at these refugees. Obama's Open Doors Policy endangered our nations security. One of the Iraqi housekeepers employed by my husband's company (Rana Al Bayati) was a notorious prostitute during her employment. She tried to seduce all of the men in the camp. As the housekeeper, she had keys to the men's rooms, and would actually go into the men's rooms while they were sleeping in an effort to have sex. She even went in my husband's room. He fired her immediately. She told my husband that she attended Baath Party events as well, and that she loved Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, she immigrated to Louisville Kentucky, where she is now plying her wares as a prostitute. We informed the FBI and DHS about her, but they haven't done anything to her. She can't even speak English. Its time for our government to take anothe look at these refugees. Be aware of her, she has diseases too. She may have AIDS too.

Well folks,
It looks like it's going to take a little while longer to finish my tree. But don't worry, my researchers have assured me it will only be a few days more. Have patience.

Carolyn at the homeless shelter
Have to dress down to be allowed in

After giving coats to the Orphans
Feeding the ducks and geese at the lake

Our Grandson Evan recently fractured his wrist. Our daughter took him to one of the "Urgent Care" clinics in town. They took X-Rays and confirmed the fracture. Instead of putting a cast or splint/brace on his wrist, they sent our daughter to a Pediatric Orthopedics office. The pediatrician was shocked that the Urgent Care Clinic didn't put a cast on our grandson. The Pediatrician called the Urgent Care Clinic "Doc in a Box," and said these clinics are a sham/scam. Be careful when considering the use of one of these clinics. Sending a 3-year old boy home with a fracture, without a cast is ridiculous. He had two fractures on the same arm, and walked around for over a week in pain. These places should be sued.

Carolyn playing piano at an orphanage
Singing Christian songs with the kids

On our trip to California to visit our daughter
She is in Medical School. 21 November 2016

We drove our RV to California to visit our daughter who is in Medical School. We made sure to stay away from Southern California, and my husband's twin brother Toby. God forbid he should ever find her. He will never know her name. Her nickname is "Angel," and her beauty is stunning. It's such a shame that we have to hide her from Toby and his family. He already got to my first daughter; and I will never let him get to this one. Even in America, people have to hide their children to avoid adults who would prey upon them. Hopefully President Trump will impose the death penalty for pedophiles. Texas already did it. The others need to get on board too, and quickly.

I just wanted to say that my daughters are angels. I love them very much. They are both fighting by my side to change and stop sexual exploitation of children worldwide. Trump will fix this problem, I'm sure of it. Clinton would have tried to make money from it. I'm very proud of my daughters. More and more young women are getting involved. But more women need to speak up and make their voices heard. 

To everyone out there who trusted their instincts, and their gut; and had the intestinal fortitude to vote for a real Washington outsider; I want to say thank you to you all. As you're seeing on the news; angry Clintonites are ambushing Trump supporters and beating them up. So arm yourselves, and defend yourselves. Some of them will never accept Trump as their president. Many of these people are in the US illegally, and they are afraid that they will be sent back to their own country. That's too bad. They are welcome to apply legally for immigration to the US. Even legal immigrants are complaining about the illegal immigration problem. Trump is putting all of the illegals on notice. "Get your bags packed" it's checkout time!! All of the celebrities and others who threatened to leave if Trump was elected; just go. Do it! Move on. Go away. Lets get Americans back to work. Let's protect and close our borders. Enforce the current immigration laws without exception. Immigrants already here who are unable to assimilate, should be returned too. If you are a healthy and capable adult, and you can work; then shut off the food stamps to them. Too many people have no incentive to work, and feel that the US Government owes them something. Let's all contribute to Making America Great Again.

Well as we all saw recently, the Clinton campaign hired a bunch of women to claim that Trump assaulted/molested them. Funny thing is, nobody bother to verify that any of the accusation's were true. But, the damage has been done already. My husband is a veteran who served over 20 years in the military. He is now 100% disabled. Obama and "Killary" would prefer he just die. Trump wants to give our vets a chance to have some dignity. Hillary has already done a lot of damage to our veterans and our country. Three American patriots died while she was out buying an Ottoman. She is a career politician, in it for the money. Everyone can see that the media has been paid off to support her too. I am going to vote for Trump, because he isn't a career politician. Hillary continues to lie and lie. She is the devil in disguise. If she gets elected, she will continue the destruction Obama started. Please ask Wikileaks to release all of the filth they have on Hillary. The media is so biased too. Don't listen to them. Use your gut and brain when you vote. 4 years of Hillary, will destroy America. You gun owners will have to give up your guns under Hillary. Buy more ammo now. Vote for Trump.

The best friend, lover, mother and grandmother
ATribute to Carolyn from her lucky husband

This is the face of evil
A true Sodomite

Hey everybody,
Here is a little surprise for all of you. My professional researchers are just about to finish their work on my family bloodline. They previously took my tree back to 540 BC to the ancient Cleopatra's. But just as they were finishing it; they discovered a mistake, and had to begin again. Amazingly, my new tree is going in the same direction. There is confirmed evidence that I am descended from the King's and Queen's of numerous countries; to include Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In addition to these countries, the researchers show my descent from King Rollo and Queen Poppa of Bayeux; as well as Anna Mathonwy, daughter of Saint Joseph of Arimathea. Sadly, many obstacles have been placed in the way of the research by those who do not want me to be discovered; such as the King of Norway; who tried to sabotage my tree several times. Others such as the Vatican and the Catholic Church tried to oppose the research being done on Saint Joseph of Arimathea; and the obvious blood relationship he has to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I commend the research team for their diligence and perseverance. I even submitted my DNA for matching purposes on the known descendants of King Rollo, as well as other known descendants of Anna Mathonwy (daughter of Saint Joseph, and cousin to the Virgin Mary). More and more of these ancient celebrities remains have now been exhumed for scientific DNA testing to determine if there are modern descendants. The problem with DNA testing with even reputable DNA laboratories, is that there are unscrupulous scientist under the control of modern royals, who will falsify results in order to allow current royals to remain in power. Just look at the royal family of Britain. The Queen has expressly forbidden any royal family members to submit to DNA testing, since scientists have now discovered the remains of King Richard III under a car park in England, and now have his DNA. Her reason for this is that her family is not descended from English blood; but rather, they are wholly German. Several of Queen Elizabeth's relatives did submit their DNA for matching purposes; and none of them matched the DNA of King Richard III. If her royal subjects were to discover this; imagine the chaos this would cause. So its just a matter of time before a huge announcement is made. Its a well known fact that many of the modern royal families have no desire to share anything with "assumed outsiders," especially orphans. "How dare them?" I received a letter from King Harald V of Norway (see below) a year ago, expressing jubilation about my lineage to not just his royal family; but all of the Norwegian Royal Dynasties. I wonder if he will honor this letter once the tree is announced. Imagine what the Norwegian people would say if the King and Queen decided they don't want anything to do with an orphan girl from Texas? My descendancy comes from the very first historically recognized King of Norway; through numerous other Norway royal families. If they choose to not recognize me; they would certainly have to explain why. The world would want to know why, as well as why I couldn't have my God given birth right. God says in the Bible to protect orphans and widows. Will the Norway Royal Family deny me just because I was an orphan? If they do deny me; I wouldn't be shocked; because this is considered normal in the world we live in today. Orphan abuse is rampant everywhere, and there is absolutely no reason to think a Royal Family would be any different. They will have to face God, just like the rest of us, and explain their decision. Ya'll wish me luck!!    

To all of the scholars and historians who know the historical facts surrounding St. Joseph of Arimathea meeting King Arviragus of Britain, and receiving several acres of land for which to build the first Christian church of Britain; we could really use a copy of this historical reference. Not just legends or myths; but actual, factual historical references. I sent a request to some renegade nuns, asking them to assist. Since we know that this evidence is being kept at the Vatican. They wouldn't even answer me. I thought nuns and priests were here to help people. Obviously, not all of them do. 

Letter from King Harald of Norway
Expressing excitement. God Bless them

Hi everyone,

Pull up a chair, sit down and read this true story written by my husband Dr. Tommy Sosbee.

Let me tell you a true story about my family, and the terror they have wrought on my own family. Back in 1975, my family lived in a very small town in East Texas called DeKalb. Five years before this, our little sister was born in Rockwall Texas. I immediately noticed that there was something peculiar about her. She had one green eye and one blue eye; and I also noticed that she didn't look anything like our father. In fact, she resembled our mother and my twin brother. Of course this was all very weird to me and my other brothers. Then in 1977, I walked down the hallway past my mothers bedroom, and I saw my twin brother and my sister crouching down behind my Moms bed. He was behind her, and it looked like their pants were down. I said "What the hell are you doing?"; They said "Oh Nothing. Just playing."

Fast forward to 1985. My future wife just happened to live next door to my twin brother. She was doing her best to raise her daughter. She became acquainted with my twin brother and his wife, since their daughter was just 19 days younger than her daughter. My future wife had been struggling with her marriage at the time, and her husband was a drug addict; and she considered them to be separated, and he was screwing around on her as well. During that time, my twin brother would call me in Hawaii to describe that he was watching my future wife as she was outside gardening, or cleaning the yard. He was essentially spying and gawking at her. He would describe her body and other features in sexual terms. It seemed as though she had all of the physical attributes and features, his own wife lacked. He seemed infatuated with her; but he realized that he could not have her. I began talking to Carolyn while I was in Hawaii. She was remarkably intelligent and stunningly beautiful. I wondered if I could ever be lucky enough to get a girl like that. After a few weeks of talking on the phone, I fell in love with her. I would always remember the way my twin brother described her so lustfully; and would think to myself; why would he do this, unless he was in love with her too. He was mad that she didn't love him too. Carolyn eventually confronted him about it, and even asked him why his tiny daughters always had bruising and severe rashes on their genitals; and were humping the floor. He would always deny everything, and become defensive; and quickly change the subject. We found out later that both daughters had STD's. She called her former House Parent Ida Mustain to come look at the girls. She did and quickly called CPS/DHS. It was right after this that I flew there to collect Carolyn and her daughter. We heard that CPS opened a case against my twin brother and his wife. The Navy quickly relocated them to San Diego, California. It appeared that Kingsville Texas no longer had jurisdiction over them. Once I learned where they had relocated to, I contacted the San Diego Sheriff Office to let them know his whereabouts. He was discharged from the US Navy quietly. But, before this happened, I had sent my future wife to live with my father back in DeKalb Texas. I thought she would be safe there until I could afford to fly her over to Hawaii. But one evening, two of my younger brothers decided to take her out for a drink. She agreed. Once at the bar, the two brothers told her they were going to find a prostitute, and that a friend of theirs would take her home. The "Friend," was actually a convicted sexual predator who had just been released from prison for rape. He found an isolated location and raped her. Fortunately, he dropped her off on the road near my father's house, so she didn't have far to walk. She told my Father what had happened and at that time, he said "So what?" She had to keep her composure, and kept quiet. It looked like the whole thing was planned. I sent her money for a plane ticket, but my father grabbed it from the mailbox; opened it and took the money for himself, gave her the letter I had put in there. Once she told me what he did, I notified my Commanding Officer, he offered to help me with money, and I purchased an electronic ticket and sent it to her. She knew no one in DeKalb, and we thought my father would look after her. We were wrong. I was in training back in Hawaii for Special Forces and I just wanted to get her to Hawaii as quickly as possible.

Fast forward to 1987. My wife and I got assigned to Fort Sill Oklahoma. When we were leaving Hawaii, I asked my twin brother if my wife and our kids could stay with them briefly so I could wrap things up in Hawaii, and join them. While my wife and our kids were there in San Diego, my twin brother's girlfriend pushed our son into the pool. He was only two. Carolyn jumped in the pool to grab our son; and once she got him out, she proceeded to beat this woman badly and severely. My twin brother arrived and pushed my wife to the ground. My wife had no choice but to leave his house and get away from them.
My twin brother contacted the Red Cross acting like he was me, to complain that she was endangering our children by hitchhiking. The Red Cross called my Commanding Officer in Hawaii. He told them that I was still in Hawaii, and that I had not called them at all. Once he determined where my wife was, he ordered me to get on a plane to where she was to "Get that pretty little thing and your kids, and don't let them hurt her." I did.

Fast forward to 1988. My father passed away from cancer. Prior to this, he asked us if he could move in with us, so we could take him for his chemotherapy treatments. He asked us for forgiveness for what he had done. We said okay. We didn't want him to commit suicide. He felt used by his kids, but he felt bad for what he had done to my wife. Once he died, I notified my brothers and my sister to let them know. They descended on our home and acted like they were going to take all of my father's belongings for themselves. Of course my father had left his will with me, and he made me the executor of it. All of them became extremely hostile toward my wife. I had to ask them to leave after the services. We told our neighbors before the services that there might be trouble. We told them not to call the police. My youngest brother pulled a knife on my wife because he was so greedy. My wife had a large knife in her hand too, so there was a stand-off. All of them eventually left after destroying our front yard doing 360's in it with their cars.

Fast forward to 1992. I elected to leave the service (military) and try to pursue a civilian career. Things did not work out as we planned. We reached out to my twin brother again since he had bragged about being able to get me a job with the US Customs. So we packed up our car and drove from Texas to Poway California. We immediately saw that my twin brother's wife was having an affair with another man while he was at work. My wife said something about it to my twin brother. We were shocked to hear him say that this was okay. Also my kids said that my twin brother and his wife had sex in front of them. They also said the adults played a pornographic movie in front of them. Within a day or two, my twin brother and his wife mandated that my wife and children had to leave their home. We were flat broke so my wife quickly walked out of the house with the kids, and within 45 minutes, found a nice man who allowed them to move in with him. Within one hour, my wife had a new car, with a weapon inside; a fully stocked refrigerator, and a very nice house to stay at. My twin brother told me that his mother in law really wanted to have sex with me, and asked if we could all go out for a drink. Of course I said no, and started packing our belongings in our car. Within a few hours, my wife called to say that she had enough money for us to drive back. So as soon as I packed the car, I went to pick up her and the kids; and away we drove, never to look back, except to yell at them "I curse you fat pigs and pedophiles forever." My wife told my twin brother, "You'll never separate us, and you will never turn him against me." We realized that we had been staying in Satan's house. My daughter later revealed that while we were at their house, that my twin brother had come in to where she was sleeping; pulled down her underwear and masturbated on her butt. He took her underwear and flushed them down the toilet after wiping off her buttocks. She said she was scared to death and pretended to be asleep. My twin brother had also lied about being able to get me a job too. The people I spoke with at the US Customs said they hated my twin brother. We've been hiding from him ever since then. We've had to look over our shoulder constantly, and disguise ourselves. We are done hiding now. It's time for the world to see and know just how truly evil they are. There is no way I can write down all of the horrible sins he has committed to women and children (including his own). He is a senior manager in the US Customs now, so who knows how many immigrant girls and women have been raped or sodomized by him. I'm sure the number is high, and growing. How did the US Customs overlook what he did to his own daughters? Why didn't they see his records from his service in the Navy? After 22 years of Active service in the US Army, I have trained my wife in the use of defensive weaponry. She is an expert marksman, and a fast-draw expert. She will no longer be his victim. It is our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves, and we will be exercising that right from now on.

Carolyn's lie detector test resuts
Of course she passed

A message to Ms. Jabba Hut and Toby
I got the 2nd Amendment on my side

Let me tell you another horrid and terrifying true story about what Toby Don and his wife Mrs. Jabba the Hut, did to our family in 1992; after we agreed to pack up and go to Poway California after Toby promised to get me a job with US Customs. Shortly after we arrived at Toby's rented house, we quickly noticed that Toby's wife had another guy there while Toby was at work. She was running through the house in her underwear, and laying on her bed, with the man; who she claimed was her ex-boyfriend. Carolyn tried to tell Toby what his wife was doing, and he said he already knew about it. I doubt that he knew they were having sex. A few minutes later, Toby and his wife walked in the room, and said Carolyn had to leave, and take the kids with her. They said I could stay though. Carolyn walks out with the kids and within 20 minutes, she pulled up in front of Toby's rented house in a new car. She had a pistol with her, and a beautiful house to live in. Of course, Mrs. Jabba the Hut's mouth dropped in amazement and jealousy, and yelled "How on earth did she do that?" I looked at her and Toby and said "She is a lady" not a whore like you." I started packing up the car. Toby was fascinated with Carolyn. He always stalked her, peeped on her, videoed her; and he even said once that he wanted to rape her. If this isn't sick, I don't know what is. Toby used to have me call his "Behind the scenes girlfriends" to tell them he died from a mystery illness. So they were both cheating on each other. Toby then told me that Ms. Jabba's mother wanted to have sex with me. She was in her 50's and looked like a bag of smashed assholes. Toby told me not to look at her face, but to roll her over and "Hit her in the shitter." I looked at her in shock, and she said "I'll rock your world." I was completed disgusted and once Carolyn told me she had the money for us to leave California, I finished packing up the car. Carolyn returned the next day, with the kids, and away we went. We never looked back. The irony is that Ms. Jabba gave birth to a boy 8 months later, and he looks just like her ex-boyfriend, not Toby. We asked Toby to ship our property we weren't able to take with us. He never did. The sad part of this story is that when I went to interview with US Custom's, the interviewer said they hated Toby, so why would they want to hire his twin brother. So Toby lied just to get my wife there. I can think of no one on this planet more twisted and sick as Toby. He deserves to be in prison so Big Tyrone can teach him the finer social graces of prison life. My kids will never be able to get these sick images out of their minds, of what Toby and his wife did to us. He knew we couldn't do anything to him since he was in Law Enforcement. It sounds like a perfect workplace for perverts and pedophiles. Toby fits right in. If his bosses were to demand that he take a polygraph test about his perverted activities, he would refuse it. We will never stop telling the world what he has done. He used his wife for her money, and because she allowed him to do anal sex with her. He is obsessed with anal sex, and dreams about doing this to Carolyn. He has a one-way ticket to hell. If you want to hear the entire sordid story, my new book will be released early next year. The publisher will print 300K copies in 8 different languages. 

Here is a copy of the email my husband sent to the San Diego Sheriffs Office regarding the sick actions of Toby Don Sosbee. (see below)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tommy Sosbee <>
Date: Thu, Jan 4, 2007 at 5:08 PM
Subject: abuse case

Detective Reden,

I tried calling you to see what I could do to assist with this old case. Personally I only witnessed a single event between my twin brother (Toby Sosbee) and our younger sister (Claire Denise Sosbee)back in 1974/1975, so I'm not sure if any of that will be useful to you. I will be more than happy to contribute to this case in any way you need. My twin has done some pretty rotten things; most of which I have only heard about. He started acting strange back then for some reason, perhaps because our mother spoiled him severely. I was walking through our house back in DeKalb Texas, and saw him and my sister beside our mothers bed on the floor. He was behind her on the floor, and as I stuck my head in the room, she quickly pulled her panties back up in an effort to hide what they were doing. I did not see them having intercourse, only him behind her, and her pulling up her underwear. I tried to tell our mother, but she wouldn't listen. My sister was only 4 or 5 years old at the time. Many years later, I heard that he had gotten into trouble with the Navy for alledgedly abusing his own two daughters; and ultimately, he was forced out of the Navy for this. He was also infatuated with my wife, and repeatedly fondled her while I was there, or not looking. In March 1989 while I was stationed in Korea, my wife had to be hospitalized due to a miscarriage. Toby offered to come to our house to watch our two children for her. During his stay, my daughter Tammie fell asleep on the floor in the living room after watching TV. She states that she woke up when she felt someone pulling her panties down. She pretended to be asleep because she was afraid, and states that she could see him out of the corner of her eyes. She remembers that he placed his penis against her anus and rubbed it there for a moment or two before pulling her panties back up, and leaving her there. To this day, she is still traumatized by the event, and has been forced to seek counseling for it. My daughter did not reveal this event to my wife and I until many years later. In 1994, Toby again visited us, and after he had left, we discovered video recording devices in the air conditioning vents in our hallway bathroom. Although no video tapes remained; we can only imagine what was recorded. After that event; I decided the best thing for us to do wa to sever any ties with him, which is exactly what we did. He used to brag about going to Mexico and getting young girls over there to; although I cannot verify any of that. I have personally turned this information over to his supervisor at the US Customs in San Ysidro, and also the social services case worker in Poway CA where they used to live. I also contacted an FBI agent with this information; but nothing ever happened to my knowledge.

Meeting you face to face to discuss this is out of the question; but I will be happy to speak with you on the phone, or email. I do not know if Toby is still doing the same things to his existing children. I hope not. Please let me know if I can be of ay further assistance.

Tommy Sosbee

Any of you Sosbee ladies want to fast draw?? Holla
Packing my new pink 9mm. I like going to the ranch there.

Carolyn at the Range
Waiting for someone to beat her time

Just say no to incest and inbreeding.
This is the real result.

In many Native American tribes, women who were called "Dirty Nose," meant they had one too many bucks. My mother was one of them too; although I'm surprised she didn't have a scar on her nose. 

Many federal officers have been raping immigrants
They leave the evidence in the trees

Just click here to read about Restraining Orders that didn't work. These women found out the hard way.

As you can all see below in the pictures; an amazing discovery has been made. It took me many years to find out who my real parents were; but once I did, I was able to have some professional researchers find my bloodline to see where I came from. The researchers were able to take my family tree back to 540 BC to ancient Egypt; and all of the Pharaoh's and Cleopatra's; as well as my 59th Great Grandfather St. Joseph of Arimathea, who is the uncle to the Blessed Virgin Mary. What a remarkable discovery. The researchers also discovered my descent from over 150 royal families; Queens and Kings; Lady's and Lord's. It looks like I am the only living descendant for many of them. With all of this amazing information; one might think that it would be impossible for me to have been raped, abused and tortured as an orphan; and later as an adult. The family I married in to turned out to be some of the most vile and deviated; sick and twisted people I've ever met. They have done everything in their power to destroy me, or cause me to leave my husband. They used to be four brothers from a small country town in Texas. But three of them turned out to be quite sadistic. They are the Sosbee boys. One is now a senior manager in the US Customs, where he is able to use his position to manipulate and hold power over people in order to get them to do his bidding. Another one went to Leavenworth Federal Prison for sodomizing his own step-daughter and her friend. He is now a registered sex offender. The youngest one is still just as devious and twisted. He helped to have me raped back in 1985, by a sexual predator. All of them are as demented and sick as the worst predators you will ever find. God will deal with all of them on Judgment Day. I wrote messages to one of their wife's; so I expect there to be some retaliation from them soon. My husband and I know the level of depravity they will stoop too, if needed; so we are prepared for whatever they try to throw at us. My new book will expose all of the Sosbee atrocities; and they may try to shut me up. If something does suddenly happen to me; you will know why.

I am descended from Virgin Mary's Family
St. Joseph gave his own tomb to Jesus

I am descended from the Mohican Turtle Clan
My Dutch ancestors married the Indians

I am descended from the Cheyenne River Sioux
Remember Wounded Knee Massacre?

I am connected to the Rockefeller and Astor family
Wonder if they'll give me something

I am descended from the famous Astor Family
They are related to the Queen Mother by marriage

Satan is strong in all of these people
Judgment Day will soon be at hand.

This is what my husband wrote to one of the wife's:

I just wanted you to be aware of the nature of the Sosbee boys. I'm sure you already know about Dale and what he did to his own kids. We tried to tell David about Toby Don't too, but he didn't want to listen. It sounds like they are still trying to control everyone in the family. Which is why we stayed away all this time. Toby Don also sexually assaulted Carolyn. So they're all perverts. If I were you, I wouldn't allow your kids near any of them. Just ask Toby Don what he used to do to his little Sister Claire Denise. I'm sure you would be shocked to hear the story. This is why I've kept my own daughter away from all of the Sosbee's. This is not my stepdaughter, but my own daughter. Her name is different than Sosbee, and always will be. Toby Don even told his daughter Heather that she was my daughter, not his. Just to cover up his hiding video cameras in her room. What a pervert. She even saw it. Don and Janey had Heather well before I met Carolyn and I was stationed in Hawaii. So I know this isn't true. We wanted to let you know because you've been in the dark about all of this. So watch out for yourself and your kids. We told your husband about all of this, but he didn't care. Maybe you will. I'm the good twin. Don is the evil twin. My wife and I are good God-fearing Christian's. We've been court appointed advocates for 26 years and have helped 1000s of kids. All of them have gone on to become great adults. Sorry this all sounds so bad, but I felt the need to let you know. I was a Sosbee too. I've been married to Carolyn for 30 years and she has the biggest and sweetest heart of anyone I've ever met. We will be together in heaven too. She is already being called "Lady Carolyn" by the royal families of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All of the Sosbee boys have secrets they try to keep. Just be careful they don't keep them from you. Use your conscience. Then you will know why we stayed away from them all. I'm sure you would be upset if one of them had you raped, like they did to Carolyn. She was 22 years old and innocent and raised as an orphan. She didn't deserve this. But it happened, thanks to David and Dale. We told Clifton Sosbee what happened, and he said to disown them all; before he died. So we did. We passed our lie-detector tests to make sure we were telling the truth about all of them. No one in the Sosbee family will ever see my daughter, or any of our kids. I have not contacted any other Sosbee besides you. Hopefully you will let your conscience guide you, or your faith in God. You can look up Carolyn's website at Just remember that both Elias David and Ricky Dale had Carolyn raped by a sexual offender friend of theirs in 1985, while she was staying in DeKalb Texas with our Dad. I'm sure David has never mentioned this to you, but you need to know. You might think they've changed their ways from back then, but I can tell you they haven't changed. If you wondered why we've stayed away from all of them all these years, this is why. Carolyn's royalty will be announced shortly, but our names will be changed. Toby Don, Elias David and Ricky Dale will try to contact us when it happens, but we will not speak with them, ever. By the way, everyone thinks we live in Colorado. Our son does, but not us. We moved several years ago in order to protect our daughter. Thank you for listening. God bless you and keep you.

This is what my husband wrote to another wife:

Hi Brenda, I wanted to give you an update. You're probably wondering why we disappeared from all of the other Sosbee's. When I took Carolyn out of Kingsville, she went to stay with my Dad Jack in DeKalb until I could fly her to Hawaii. While she was there, David and Dale took her out for a drink. They met a friend at the bar, who had just been released from prison for raping a child. David and Dale left Carolyn with this pervert, and on the way home, he raped her. Dale and David set this up. Several years later, Toby Don raped Carolyn and molested my stepdaughter. We heard what Dale did to your daughter and that he went to prison. So you should know that all of the boys have their little secrets. Toby Don also was messing with our little sister Denny, back in DeKalb. I caught them once. Now Toby Don appears to be keeping everyone in the family under his thumb. He even told his daughter Heather that I was her father; just so he could put video cameras in her room to see her changing. What a pervert. I called the San Diego Sheriff office to report him, but since he works at Customs, they did nothing to him. Carolyn and I have been married for 30 years, and she has the biggest and sweetest heart of anyone I know. I have kept all of my kids away from all of them. Carolyn and I had a daughter (not my stepdaughter) which I've been able to keep away from Toby Don, David and Dale. None of them will ever meet her because I will not allow her to be abused by them. After I heard what Dale did, that was it. When I told my Dad what the boys had done to Carolyn, he told me to disown them. He said they were evil. Also, we had professional researchers do Carolyn's bloodline and tree. They discovered that Carolyn is descended from the Arimathea Family (Virgin Mary's Family) as well as the Rockefeller and Astor Families. Carolyn's tree will be announced to the public shortly. But we will change our names to something other than Sosbee. Toby Don thinks we live in Colorado, but we moved years ago, in order to hide our kids from the Sosbee's; especially our daughter. You've had your own troubles with the Sosbee's I'm sure. So all of this may not come as a shock to you. Use your conscience, and you'll know it's true. Once Carolyn gets announced as royal shortly, that will be the end of our Sosbee connection. Whatever you've been told about us probably came from Toby Don. Realize that everything you've been told is a lie. Dale and David and Don are all perverts and predators. I would recommend that you keep your kids and grandkids away from all of them. Don has been trying to control everyone for years. I will not allow it. If I have my way, they will go to prison. You can look at the website I made for Carolyn. It's we have been child advocates for many years, especially since Carolyn finally got Youth City closed. Ms. Mustain lives in a nursing home in Corpus Christi. She has dementia and no longer knows her own name. I have a Doctorate in Business, and Carolyn spends most of her time as an advocate. We hope you'll take this information and use it to protect your family from the Sosbee boys and Denny. All of them will lie for each other. We hope you're doing well. Protect yourself from all of them. By the way, we all took polygraph tests just to prove we weren't lying. I seriously doubt any of them will do the same. We stayed with Don and Becky back in 1992. While we were there, Don put pornographic movies on the TV in front of our kids. Who does that?? A pervert, that's who. Then they started having sex in front of our kids. This is just sick. My kids remembered this too. I could go on about what they've all done to my family. Also Ms. Mustain talked to both Alexis and Heather back in Kingsville. She turned him for molesting his own kids. He left Kingsville shortly after this. The Navy kicked him out for this behavior too. Don is the ringleader. We want no part of it. This is why we disappeared for so long. Just be aware of Denny too. She has been very deceptive about Don too. We even tape recorded Denny saying that Don was molesting her. Now they're all one big happy family. It's sad how she has been manipulated. Just be mindful of all of the Sosbee's. Congratulations on your grandchildren. I had to live with them for years. I left when I was 16, just get away from them. You take care.

My oldest Grandson Manny at the lake
13 years old

Texas Orphans are people too, despite what Texas has done to them. Click here to watch the video.

Mississippi has now done what all other states should do, with their welfare recipients. They have the right idea. Click here to watch the video.

We as a human race can stop this.
So why haven't we stopped it?

I am a Christian, but I am no longer a Catholic
They foresake the victim and protect the priests

I am a Christian, let no one say otherwise. Jesus told us to treat everyone as our brother. But recently here in Colorado Springs, a drug-addicted young man threw a young woman off an overpass. The impact broke her neck and spine, and paralyzed her. The man then dragged her up into the rafters of the bridge, and proceeded to rape her for 3 days. The man was an African-American (also homeless) and the woman was White. After three days, some other homeless people heard her yelling and called police. The man was then arrested, and is now facing attempted murder charges; among other charges. Some people are just downright evil. How can we love someone like this? Its like loving Satan.

One of the most disgusting stories you will ever see. Click here to read about this evil man.

Carolyn wants to let all pedophiles know
"Come Get Me If You Can"

If so many devout Catholics now know about the cover-up of sexual abuse committed by Catholic Priests against children; why do they still give their money to the church? Church supporters are simply enabling the church to continue this behavior. Do not honor these priests; instead, incarcerate them with the other pedophiles.

Beware of the false prophets. They will preach righteousness; but behind the scenes, they're raping a child. They prey upon the helpless and vulnerable. They especially targeted orphans (boys and girls) because they have no one to advocate for them.

Click here to watch my video about the way Texas Orphans are treated. Governor Abbott hates me for this.

Please click here to watch this beautiful video made for me, by my husband; for Valentine's Day, to show how much he loves me.

Two very deceitful women
L to R: Me, Mayreen and Karen MacKenney Theiss

The women in the picture above were/are much larger than me; as you can see. The older woman is the one who adopted me. She hated my birth mother because she was beautiful. She tried to take my Dad from my mother, and he refused her. So she took me from my parents, and abused me. When she looks at me, she sees my mother, and that angers her. I had to quarrel with them both over the years. I might have been smaller and thinner than them, but that didn't stop me from confronting them both over the years. They both told me I was ugly and that no one wanted me. Look at them now. Who are the ugly ones now?  I'm 5' 5" and they are both close to 6'. I weigh 120 lbs., and they are both pushing 200 lbs. A real "David and Goliath" situation. I might have been afraid way back then, but I stopped being afraid of them, and they both realize this. Now it is them who fear me. I must always remember that revenge is not mine. "Vengeance is mine" sayeth the Lord. Most people would've handled this much differently. Earthly justice is often elusive; but none of us can escape Judgment Day. Amen!! God is with me.

Here in El Paso County Colorado, our citizens (who actually pay the salaries of our judges) have to put up with biased, and uneducated Judges such as William Trujillo. You know your in a corrupt courtroom when your palms are sweaty, and the Judge stares at you constantly; even though your not the petitioner. At one time in the past, I called Judge Trujillo a pedophile, because he reminded me of Judge McDaniel. Of course I shouldn't have called him this; but it was simply a natural reaction, because he looks like Judge McDaniel (who raped and molested me). People in this county are even saying "If you're looking for organized crime in El Paso County, just go to the Courthouse." This is truly a sad state of affairs. I was trained how to "Fast-Draw by one of the fastest draws in Texas. He taught me well. I am equivalent to Billy the Kid when it comes to fast-draw skill.  You just don't see too many girls who can fast draw; but I am one of them. While my husband was in Iraq for 10 years, I had to defend myself. I am not fearful of anyone who walks in my front door any longer.

House of Horrors
This is where I was first sexually abused.

Like "Make - A - Wish" Foundation for terminally ill children; there should be a venue for orphans to share their wishes. Don't get me wrong; I think Make-A-Wish is a fabulous program, and it really does work miracles. But why isn't there a similar platform for American orphans? These kids are in hopeless situations and rarely feel any love from the staff who care for them. Rarely do they even get a present when Christmas comes. Each day is all about survival of the fittest. Wondering each day what they did to deserve such a life. There are no trips to Disney World for these kids. No new toys to play with. So where do they turn? In most cases, God is the only outlet they have, and many of these kids spend countless hours praying to God for help. With donated "Hand-Me-Down" clothes to wear each day, donated food (often moldy and expired) to eat, what is there to look forward to?

A recent survey of Texas Prison inmates shows that 40% of them were either adopted or orphans as children. This clearly shows that there is a problem with both Adoption programs, and/or Texas Orphanages/Group Homes, and the way these kids are treated in these programs. Due to the little Federal Funding Texas gets for Foster kids, or Orphan kids; the state has no incentive to find suitable homes for these kids. The states need for money outweighs the need to find suitable homes for these kids. It has always been about money. Try spending 10-15 years in an institution as a child, and see if you don't walk out without a grudge to bear against the world.

If they could make a single wish; and have it taken seriously by someone, you can imagine the impact it would have on this child. Think about it. As a former orphan myself, I understand just how these kids feel. This is why I will never stop trying to help orphans. I made a promise to God to tell everyone who will listen. Hopefully, people are listening. Thank you for all of you who have already helped.

Carolyn's advocacy then and now
2007 until 29 September 2015


An Orphan's Poem
by Carolyn Sosbee

In a strange place
Afraid and alone
Without a familiar face
With no place to call home

Some will say "It was meant to be"
So why do I feel like everyone abandoned me
I just want to feel safe again
This is something I've never been

Would you be able to feel my pain
Or what its like to walk alone in the rain
There is one who understands all of this though
It is through God's grace that I continue to go

I get my strength from God's understanding
He sees all those who are cruel and mean
I know God hears my silent scream
As I search for a family who isn't too demanding

All orphans should understand
We are all part of God's Master plan.

A Poem for my daughter Sabra who died at birth 16 July 1982
by Carolyn Sosbee


An Angel Never Dies

Don’t let them say I wasn’t born,
That something stopped my heart
I felt each tender squeeze you gave,
I’ve loved you from the start.

Although my body you can’t hold
It doesn’t mean I’m gone
This world was worthy, not of me
God chose that I move on.

I know the pain that drowns your soul,
What you are forced to face
You have my word, I’ll fill your arms,
Someday we will embrace.

You’ll hear that it was meant to be,
God doesn’t make mistakes
But that wont soften your worst blow,
Or make your heart not ache.

I’m watching over all you do,
Another child you’ll bear
Believe me when I say to you,
That I am always there.

There will come a time, I promise you,
When you will hold my hand,
Stroke my face and kiss my lips
And then you’ll understand.

Although I’ve never breathed your air,
Or gazed into your eyes
That doesn’t mean I never was,
An Angel never dies.

Carolyn in 2003
Helping disabled veterans in their home

The Archangel Gabriel
He watches over us orphans

After 6 years in Office, and 6 years of broken promises to Native American's; finally Ms. Obama decides to talk to Native American kids (click Here)

Some Judges put kids in jail to force them to visit with an abusive parent (click here)

Ben Carson: Can Obama use martial law to keep White House post 2016?

Click here to read the story

Obama's plan to drop the "Hammer" on America

Signing of the US Constitution
Why is it not enforced today?

My 5th Grandfather John Jay
1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

My 5th Great Grandfather John Jay (see picture above) was appointed by President George Washington to be the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He was also the Ambassador to Spain, and a signatory of the Treaty of Paris. He was also the 2nd Governor of New York; and later became the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I never knew! Wow!

Sarah Livingston Jay
Wife of John Jay

Sarah Livingston Jay, was the wife of John Jay. They had many children together. Of her direct descendants, Elizabeth Livingston Ludlow was the mother of Anna Hall Roosevelt (Grandmother of Eleanor Roosevelt) former First Lady and wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt (President of the United States). 

Ever wonder which States have the highest numbers of sex offenders? You might be surprised. Our Police need to do more to control these perverts. I just looked at the list and yelled "AAaahhhh!!!!" after seeing Colorado at number 10. OMG!!!

Aaahh!! Perverts live here???

Click here to see if your State made the top-10 list.

Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation spent a lot of money building a new playground on the west side of Prosperity Lake. We took our grandson there today so he could play on the new playground. There are also picnic areas and tables there as well. We brought lunch to eat while we were there. While we were eating lunch with our grandson; a 30 year old intoxicated African-American man, with a younger African-American female were talking at the same picnic area we were at. The man was trying to convince the young girl to give up her existing pimp to join him instead. The man was using extremely loud profanity, describing the female genitals, and sexual terminology in front of the children and other adults there with their children. He was even drinking a bottle of whiskey, even though consuming alcohol at the park is illegal. The girl was crying and telling the man to leave her alone, but he wanted to strongly urge her that she was making a mistake by staying with her pimp. Clearly this was an inappropriate place to be discussing such a topic. I finally got up and asked several of the other mothers there watching their children, and hearing the filth the man was saying in front of their kids; why they were not saying anything to the man; and they all had this look of disgust, but also fear of saying anything. The park used to be a nice place to take children. Not any more. Even the Colorado Springs Police don't have a roving officer to keep things like this from happening. If the city is going to spend so much money on a brand new playground, just to let it be overrun by pimps and prostitutes; what was the point? Poor people here have no other place to take their kids. The other parents said "The cops don't do anything anyway." We decided to go to the other side of the lake, thinking it would be safer; but we saw older men masturbating in public while watching little girls playing. We decided to just leave. We will not be taking our grandson there again. We also told our grandson that these bad men are not normal; and to forget what they were saying and doing. Where are our Police? Why are they not posting an officer or two in this very public place? Colorado is not as nice as people think. Its getting as bad as Skid-row in South LA. We could sure use God's help here. It's called Memorial Park because of the beautiful Armed Services Memorials there as well. There is a beautiful church nearby that has bells that play songs at certain times of the day. Yet a mere few hundred yards away, you can see perverts, pedophiles, pimps, prostitutes with liquor, hanging around the children's playground; with no Police presence. It's summer time, and the kids deserve a nice safe place to play.

Do you know why orphans and former orphans feel better talking to other former orphans; its because they speak the same language. Many of the people working with CPS and Social Services have absolutely no idea what's going through the mind of an orphan. Orphans have had to ask an adult for the basics like shampoo, toothpaste, or deodorant; shaving cream or a razor to shave with. In a normal environment, parents usually have these items for their children to use as they please. Not orphans. These items might be used to harm someone or themselves, and must be controlled. There will be tons of apprehension; and a multitude of questions like how will they survive once they age out of the system. Many orphans will have no connections, no families; and no support network to rely on. Many will not have the educational background to apply for college either, since orphans are most likely to be pushed aside in a school environment. How are they supposed to survive? Their options are extremely limited. How would you react if you were suddenly kicked out of the only home (albeit a terrible home) you've ever known? This is the system that exist today. State and Federal Governments can do so much more for these kids. It would not take too many resources either. But they have to want to do this. Don't just kick these kids out on the street. They will have no choice but to do what they must to survive. For girls this usually means prostitution; and for boys it usually means criminal activities such as drug dealing. What else can they do without an education? if there was a support system for these kids, the success rate would be much higher. My husband and I have tried to help as many orphans who have aged out of the system, by helping them find a job, affordable housing, and reliable transportation; drivers licenses, among other things; but most importantly, we show them that we care, and that they are not alone. We show them the love they haven't known before. It doesn't cost anything to show love to an orphan; and it definitely brings a smile to their faces. Why can't our government or our churches help more? The government doesn't care, and many churches are too busy funding the lavish lifestyles of their pastors. We've actually seen stories of military families moving to another base and leaving their teenagers behind with nothing, because the child had run away. These kids wind up homeless, wandering the streets, and fall prey to corrupt individuals or organizations. They have no other place to turn to. As a safe-house on the military base, many of the worst kids ended up at my house; looking for nothing more than love. So what did we do? We showed them love.

Click here to see this ludicrous idea.

Here is a Biblical reminder and warning to the Duggar Family men:

Matthew 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18:10 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

The Duggar men (Josh and Jim Bob) have despised and offended the little ones (girls), so why haven't they hung a millstone around their necks and been drowned in the depths of the sea? These verses clearly show that Jesus believes that child molesters need to be put to death. There is no question about Jesus' message.

Many of you may say that Jesus was all about forgiveness; but Jesus also said to follow the laws of Caesar just as you follow the laws of God. That's right.... follow the law. Child Molesters are certainly not following the laws of God or man when they commit their vile acts. Place the millstone around their necks, and drown them. This is the law of God. Jim Bob Duggar knows the Bible well enough to understand that these incidents should not have been covered up. Amen!!!

Psychiatry and Mental Health services for teens here in Colorado is big business. Especially catering to children of Military personnel here in Colorado. The military Healthcare insurance pays approximately $1000 per day for inpatient treatment. Too many military parents of teens experiencing emotional issues are quickly diagnosed with various mental illnesses, when in reality, the teens are just being teens. While my husband and I were in the military here in Colorado; our own teenage daughter started displaying mood swings, which is very common in teen girls. We took her to Cedar Springs Behavioral Center. The psychiatrist there immediately diagnosed our daughter with Bipolar Disorder within 5 minutes of meeting her; and recommended immediate inpatient treatment. We suspected that our daughter was simply experiencing what we refer to as "PMS," or "Poor Me Syndrome." To make a long story shorter; we ultimately refused bipolar treatment for our daughter, and after filing a medical ethics complaint against the psychiatrist; he fled Colorado. Our daughter is fine today, and like many other parents of teens, we simply worked with her to help her understand her moods. Diagnosing a teenager with Bipolar Disorder in a 5 minute meeting just doesn't make medical sense. Cedar Springs is still in operation here, but with far fewer military teenage patients. We stood our ground and refused to allow our teen to be labeled with this serious mental problem. Scientifically, there is no actual documented diagnosis for Bipolar Disorder; so any time your teen gets diagnosed with this, you should question it immediately. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm off to spend the day with my grandson.

We have so many Federal Days named after so many things. Why can't we have a National Orphan Day? This would be a day dedicated to the betterment and furthering of the orphans plight. A day where everyone in the US could do something for an orphan. Imagine the difference this would make in the life of a forgotten orphan. Or to remember an orphan who died alone, afraid and forgotten. God would be happy to see so much love for the forgotten ones; the orphans.

Here are some startling statistics regarding orphans here in the USA.

Sadly; politicians and civic leaders rarely address this critical issue. They're busy trying to remove God from every facet of daily life. We all need to grow and renew our faith in God, for it is God who makes all things possible. An overwhelming majority of these orphans are destined for a prison cell without a loving, caring environment to grow in. The huge business of prisons and prisoners has a huge profit attraction for too many politicians; so they have no incentive to try to reduce the numbers of prisoners. As sad as it is, most American's are more interested in watching the Kardashians, than to worry about American orphans. What has happened to us all?
Now with many illegal children crossing into the US (thanks to Obama), these number will grow dramatically. Remember what God says about orphans:

Arabic: "معاملة اليتيم فلا قسوة" (القرآن الكريم 93: 9)   
English: (Job 29:12) Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the orphan who had no helper.

God keeps the orphans in a special place in his heart. We should all realize this. If we remove God from our daily life; then the orphans will also be removed from our thoughts.

In the Quran, orphans are mentioned 23 times. In the Bible, orphans are mentioned 33 times. Orphans are mentioned 25 times in the Torah. So why are orphans treated so badly? Ask Pastor Rick Warren what he thinks about orphans. You might be surprised what he has to say.

Also, grandparents should be allowed to be considered an option for children whose parents are unfit. Because some states don't allow this; bloodlines are being erased. As an orphan myself, it would've been great to be allowed to stay with my grandparents; instead of being placed in a State Home; or being stolen. Government knows that poor families are vulnerable; and are easy targets for CPS and DHS to manipulate, and separate. I was repeatedly molested and raped while in the custody of the state, and foster care. This is all about making money.
Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper. - See more at:
Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper. - See more at:
Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper. - See more at:

  • Children in foster care in the U.S.:  402,378
  • Children in foster care waiting to be adopted: 101,840
  • Children entering foster care in 2013: 254,904
  • Children exiting foster care in 2013: 238,280
  • Average time in care within the foster system: 21.8 Months
  • Children “aging out” of the foster system in 2012 in FY: 23,090
  • Average age of a child waiting to be adopted:  7.7 years old
  • Number of children in care whose parental rights were terminated in FY 2013:  58,887
  • Approximate number of children adopted from foster care in FY 2013:  50,281
  • How many people it takes to make a difference in an orphan's life: 1 (you).

Many of you are parishioners at Mega-Churches around the US. Your pastors are millionaires. Rarely do these churches contribute to American Orphans. Here is what the Bible says about wealthy pastors in 1 Timothy 5:6:

1 Timothy 6:5 Constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain. 6:6 Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, 6:7 for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. 6:8 But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. 6:9 But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. 6:11 But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.

Pastor Rick Warren is the only mega-church preacher who is doing this. He takes no salary; and 99% of the money his church makes is given to charity. Why don’t the other mega-church pastors follow this example?  They have been tempted away by the money.

Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper. - See more at:
Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper. - See more at:
Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper. - See more at:

Pastor Creflo Dollar (aka: Michael Smith)
In jail awaiting trial for fleecing his flock (stealing)

An update for you on Pastor Creflo Dollar. It looks like God found a way to hold him accountable here on earth. He has been arrested for stealing money from his church. Click here to hear the story.

Here are some of the richest pastors in America. Looks like only one is doing the right thing. All of the others are fleecing their flocks.

Kenneth Copeland – Copeland Ministries

Flies around in a $17.5 Jet, lives in a $6 million lakefront mansion with a 1,500 acre campus and a private airstrip. He and his wife make over $655,000 a year in salary alone. It’s not clear whether this includes speaking fees, book royalties, and “love offerings.”


Creflo Dollar – World Changers Church International

Drives a Rolls-Royce and lives in a Million dollar home in Atlanta, and a 2.5 million-dollar apartment in Manhattan. Dollar will not release his salary information.


John Hagee – Cornerstone Church

His last released salary was nearly $1 million per year (2004). Hagee does not release his earnings anymore. 


Charles Blake – West Angeles Church of God in Christ

Owns a 10,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills (btw his congregation hails mostly from impoverished South Central LA)

His year salary is $900,000 per year.


Benny Hinn – Miracle Worker

In 1997 he admitted to making between $500k & $1 million dollars per year


Joel Osteen – Lakewood Church

Stopped taking his $200,000 salary several years ago. Makes tens of millions off of his numerous books. Joel & family live in a $10.5 million – get this – 17,000 square foot mansion. Treasures in heaven people.


Bishop Eddie Long – New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Long made over $3 million in a three year period from 1997 to 2000. He drives a Bentley, and lives in a 1.4 million dollar home on 20 acres. An investigation into his non-profit showed he made more than $1 million dollars from them on top of his church income. No doubt some of that went toward his legal fees in 2011.


Ed Young – Fellowship Church Dot Com

Lives in a 10k square foot 1.5 million dollar home. He gets paid a cool $1 million dollars a year, plus a $240,000 parsonage allowance. That doesn’t count the royalties he makes off of his recent Sex-experiment.


Franklin Graham – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

In 2008 he reportedly made 1.2 million dollars. Your father should slap your face Franklin.


Rick Warren – Saddleback Church

Has made tens of millions off his book sales (it could be in the hundreds). However… Warren has made so much money that in 2005 he repaid all of his 25 years of salary to the church & stopped taking any new salary. He and his wife give away 91% of their income to charity. Rick is the only one doing it right – in my opinion.

God says to tell the truth, so I'm doing what God wants. If one of the fleecers happens to be your pastor, perhaps you should rethink your commitment to him/her. Greed is one of the 7 Deadly Sins, and the root of many evils.  

Click here to see one of the biggest scams of all time.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott should be commended for his actions and efforts in trying to change the way Texas treats its orphans. He truly cares about Texas children. The former Governor Rick Perry did absolutely nothing to help Texas orphans; and even President Obama has done nothing to further the cause of American orphans. The Texas Legislature doesn't want to work with Governor Abbott on anything; especially since Greg Abbott opposes the way they all lined their pockets with taxpayer money. He represents a threat to their corrupt ways. Way to go Governor Abbott!!

This video makes me tell my husband how much I love him each and every day. CLICK HERE

We all have to keep a watchful eye out for pedophiles and perverts on the internet these days. This is just another example of the perversion. Click here. Sex Slavery is a very real problem, and its happening right here in the USA; not just Mexico. God help this poor girl.

Live your life in the way of Christ
God knows what's in your heart

Why is there so much hatred? Why are so many of our young people being killed. God says there is no prejudice in heaven. However, some preachers and Presidents try to foment hatred between races. Jesus says,  ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Clearly this is an important commandment. So why is it ignored by so many? Why does Reverend Sharpton (and some churches) preach hatred? Why does President Obama speak after a black teen is killed by a white Police Officer; but says nothing when a white teen is killed by a black Police Officer? There is a great divide in our nation, and it goes all the way to the presidency. Follow the teachings of Christ, and this divide will get smaller. Why can't all races march together to convince others to love one another? Remember, there is no prejudice in heaven. In order to get to heaven, live your life in the way of the Lord. Amen!

"God, I'm trying to help you." Carolyn Sosbee 

When children are being abused Angels are watching
Do not abuse a child. Not all angels are nice.

I want to say a few things about the terrible treatment our military veterans are being given now. My husband served for 23 years. When we were first married, it was much different. We got free dental care for the entire family; free prescriptions, and free medical care. Now, we have to pay for the dental care; pay for the prescriptions; and pay for the medical care. It takes weeks, if not months to get an appointment to be seen This is how our military veterans are being treated. Of course Medicaid (for Welfare) has no cost for medical care; $1.00 for prescriptions, and no cost for dental services. Seems a little backward doesn't it. Whatever happened to Sen. John McCain and the Armed Services Committee? Oh, I know! President Obama (military hating president) must've gotten to him. When my husband joined the military back in 1980, he was promised lifetime medical care. My husband isn't dead; but the promise made to him and 1000's of others, has died. Even if my husband tries to use the VA Healthcare System; it isn't free either; plus it took over 3 months for the VA to return his calls. With each passing day, we're seeing more and more of our benefits being taken away. We're watching other military veterans suffering and dying, due to the terrible lack of healthcare. Military veterans have given so much for their country; but our country refuses to give them what they were promised. This is not the same as entitlements such as food stamps and welfare. This is about our government lying to its veterans. One of our friends who served 12 years in the Army, is now suffering from Brain Cancer. He makes $900 per month in disability payments. He tried to apply for food stamps, and the El Paso County Food Stamp Office here in Colorado Springs told him he only qualified for $15.00 per month in food stamps. The $900 he makes in disability is used to pay his rent. So what is he supposed to eat with? He is slowly starving to death, in addition to dying from Brain Cancer. He is but one of many veterans in the same situation. Sadly, while our friend was being told he only qualified for $15.00 per month; he was standing next to an illegal immigrant family (man and woman); who was awarded $400 per month in food stamps. How ironic is that? Think really hard before you recommend to any of your loved ones to serve in our military. All they will get is heartbreak and sorrow. Tell your congressional representatives about this travesty. Have you seen the story about Chris Kyle (American Sniper) the US Navy Seal credited with the most kills in history. He was a true American Hero; and yet, President Obama didn't bother to even send his condolences to Kyle's family after he was murdered. That same President Obama who wouldn't do anything for the Kyle Family, sent his presidential condolences to a rapper who was killed in a drive-by shooting. It just goes to show everyone how much the President hates the military. I want to thank every veteran for their service and sacrifice, for our freedom.

After I provided testimony to Texas regarding the mistreatment of children at Youth City; it finally closed its doors in 2003. It also closed a painful chapter in my life, and in the lives of so many others who survived the torture of Youth City. We had hoped that the facility would be demolished, but unfortunately the stewards of the property and the compound itself had other plans. Over the last few years, the facility morphed in to various different care facilities such as a Drug Treatment Facility; Senior Care Facility, etc. As you can see from the pictures below, the transformation is dramatic. Now, with President Obama opening our borders to whoever wants to cross it; the compound is being used to house illegal immigrants. Thanks a lot President Obama. Wonder who's paying for all of this? I vote that the place be demolished. What do the rest of you think? I know that there are dead children buried there. For the living children there, it was like living in hell. This place was Satan's domain. It was pure evil. Just look at the 2011 photo. Satan lives there. Tear the place down, or turn it into a church. Ask any child who ever lived there, and they will tell you about the evil that lives there among them. 90 years of kids being abused and tortured. Satan definitely had a role to play there. I felt it, and so did many others. God took some of the lucky ones who died there; but the rest of us had to live with the evil there. It was a city of evil. Why do think it was called "Youth City." Amen.

Old Youth City Campus in 2011
Today its being used to house Illegal Immigrants

Youth City in Driscoll Texas in the old days
This is what it looked like when I was there

Ruth Maurie Bingham ultimately 10 kids all together. From my Biological father John Whitbeck, they had 3 children together. My older brother Wesley W. Whitbeck, me and our younger brother Tracy Leroy Whitbeck. Before my father passed away, he told me that our sister "Wendy" was not his child. If anyone out there has a photograph of John Warren Whitbeck of San Antonio, please let me know. 

My biological mother Ruth Bingham
her high school yearbook in 1947

My brother Wesley, our mother Ruth, and me
Notice the resembence?

My father John Warren Whitbeck came from a family of 14 kids,and 2 parents. Back in the 20's and 30's, during the Great Depression, it was surprising to see such a large family. Fortunately, my grandfather had a government job. So their family was able to survive, when so many others didn't.

One of the kids from Youth City who used to be my friend, wrote some details regarding the death of one of the kids at Youth City due to the negligence of then-director J.B. Moore. This child's death was just another "Matter-of-Fact," nonchalant occurrence at Youth City, and barely raised an eyebrow with anyone. His death was one of many that happened at Youth City. He was tasked to take out the trash during a severe thunderstorm. He accidentally touched an electric fence used to keeps the hogs inside their pen. His life ended face down in a large puddle of water. Youth City director J.B. Moore's comments about this event demonstrated the attitude of Youth City staff. "Oh Well!!" The kids at Youth City meant nothing more than dollar signs for J. B. Moore. Millions of dollars of donations were made to Youth City. 80% went to J.B. Moore and his wife. United Way of Coastal Bend made even more money than J.B. Moore. All of the work done by the kids (cotton picking, trash pick-up, etc, etc) was compensated monetarily; but was not given to the kids who did the work. This money went to J.B. Moore and his son Blake Moore. He told the kids that the money was being deposited in to trust funds for the kids. Instead, Blake Moore ran off with all of the money. The way we were treated is very similar to slaves. This was life at Youth City.

As 2014 comes to an end, I want to thank everyone who has helped me with my orphan advocacy. Everyone who donated money. Everyone who sent their words of support. Thank you. 2015 will be a challenging year. Hopefully the US Supreme Court will hear my case and make the right decision; to stop the abuse of America's orphans; and hold those responsible for the abuse, accountable. This would be the best gift they could ever give me. Abuse victims will always be victims. For our government to recognize that orphans are being systematically abused while in the custody of a state; would be astonishing. Please stop for a moment to think about our orphans, and how they are being treated, and ask God to help them.

I just found out from my attorneys and their investigators, that I have 10 siblings (some full blooded, and most half blooded) What an amazing discovery. My mother was a baby-making machine. 

This is the response from the Vatican to Carolyn
September 2014

Letter from the Vatican to Carolyn translated:

Secretary of State


Dear Sister in the Lord


We are encouraged by your feelings of filial affection and devotion, that you have been kind enough to write a polite letter to the Holy Father, making him part of your initiatives and projects.


Pope Francisco welcomes this cordial closeness, asking him to pray for the fruits of your service to the Church, and its children; while his heart imparts the Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of abundant heavenly favors be upon you.


I take this occasion to assure you of my consideration and esteem in Christ.

Vatican response came from Mons. P. B. Wells
Pope Francis Secretary of State

Fighting for Orphans to this day

My letter to Pope Francis
I wrote the letter in his native language of Spanish.

Dear Holy Father,


I was raised as a Catholic orphan in the United States, in the State of Texas. I lived in some of the worst conditions imaginable. I was forced to work hard labor from the age of 6 years old, up to 16. I suffered awful and terrible beatings and sexual abuse at the hands of my caregivers.


Throughout this ordeal, I constantly asked God to help me survive. I also asked God many questions; like why nobody wanted me; and why no one loved me. I never got a response from God; at least nothing that I recognized. I made a promise to God and Jesus that if they would help me survive the beatings and sexual abuse, I would help as many orphans as I could. God allowed me to survive this terror. Because of this, I have tried to help as many orphans as possible; one at a time if necessary.


I built a website on the internet for other orphans could learn from the help in our society, once they leave the orphanages. My website is called: My website has received 380 million visitors to date. I found a lot of resistance from politicians whom I’ve have asked for help. They do not want to help the orphans. I even asked President Obama to change the laws about how American orphans are treated. He did not answer me. I read that you were an orphan as a child; so I know that you understand what it means to be an orphan. So, I wanted to ask if you can help me with this important mission. I ask for your thoughts and prayers to help stop the terrible treatment of our orphans.


I know God hears my prayers for help with this important issue. I will continue fighting for our orphans until my last breath. I am but a humble sinner, and often doubtful that I'll ever see any help. I am only able to help one or two orphans at a time; and I will not ask for help from Catholic churches, since I know the sick and needy seeking refuge are many. Orphans do not seem to be a priority for most people. They are often forgotten, and have no voice in our society.


I dreamed about God when I was younger. I dreamed that God was speaking to me, saying that I was doing the right thing by helping orphans. God said to let people see what I was doing and they would help me. Maybe I was just dreaming, but I was convinced it was real. I no longer dream. I stopped having dreams years ago. Now, at age 53, I am convinced that God's dream was real. It’s because of this dream that I continue to help orphans. The devil has also tried to convince me to stop helping the orphans. I refuse to allow Satan to stop my mission.


Satan was the cause of my nightmares. As I get older, the nightmares have reduced. I know that even if no one helps me with the orphans, I will continue to help them. One person helping them is better than no one helping. I do not seek recognition for what I've done to help orphans. I do not seek praise. I'm just trying to tell the world that it’s not right to hurt orphans, like Jesus said in, Matthew 18:06  Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my heavenly Father." I realize that the problems and the weight of the world are always in your thoughts and prayers, and I have understood that requests for your prayers are many. I hope you find the time to bless this important issue; as only you can. This world is difficult, even for adults; but for an orphan who doesn't have the love and support of a family, it is even more difficult. I want God to give you strength to discuss this critical issue regarding our orphans. I am an orphan, and you're an orphan; and for this, we understand how terrible it can be for a child. The terrible treatment of orphans around the world has not changed in years, and with all of the political disputes and wars being fought; orphans will not be a priority. God bless you; and God bless the orphans.


Mrs. Carolyn Sosbee

There are no Federal Laws to ensure that American orphan children are cared for properly; nurtured and nourished adequately. Private orphanages are not operating under any laws. Even though they receive federal money, there is no government agencies monitoring the welfare of orphan children. For example, the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) continues to be wrought with claims of abuse by care-givers. Senior level TYC staff members are paid large salaries, all while molesting children in their care. TYC claims it provides no oversight to privately run orphanages in Texas. In fact, TYC is only concerned about children who have committed crimes; not children who are wards of the State of Texas. Who is the governing body responsible for orphans then? Organizations caring for orphans are receiving money from the State and Federal Government; yet they answer to no one. How is this possible? If you are a ward of the state, who is responsible for making sure you're not being abused or neglected? Why on earth would our government (State and Federal) pay money to a company, then not check in on the welfare of the children? 

TYC monitors children in criminal custody; but they have no responsibility to wards of the state?? Even Foster Parents in Texas are not being monitored, even though they're being paid a lot of money. There continues to be a huge percentage of Foster Parents who molest the children in their care. The children are so afraid to say anything, so the Foster Parents simply continue to abuse, and in some cases, kill these children. Our government make laws. Our President turns around and breaks these laws. When will these criminals be held accountable? Whoever the agency in Texas is responsible for ensuring orphans are cared for properly; should all be fired, and sent to jail; for they have failed their tasks miserably. Voters see what's happening; so everyone can change this during the next election. Don't vote Democrat, or Republican. Vote for the candidate who will fix our broken government. Hold them accountable for the actions. When the people fear the government, we have tyranny. When the government fears the people, we have liberty. Use your voices. Our world is in chaos. God is watching us destroy our planet. God is watching pedophiles molest children. God see's it all. At some point, he will exact his judgment upon us all. We will all have to answer for what we've done; or what we haven't done. If you hear of these businesses who are supposed to care for our orphans; abusing them; say something about it. Don't just turn away from it. Keep in mind that you could be suddenly killed in a traffic accident, and your children could become orphans. It can happen to any of us, at any time. Remember that God is watching.

Click here to watch Carolyn's YouTube video's

Click here to watch Carolyn's YouTube video.

You know things are getting bad when people are seriously considering the impeachment of Obama. (click here for story):

Obama Impeachment

This article should come as no surprise to anyone who ever lived in Texas:

Ever wonder what kind of people Texas hires to be Child Protective Services staff? Take a look at this shocking video:

There have been 7 Presidents of the United States since I started asking for help for American Orphans. None of these Presidents made the plight of Orphans a priority or a concern. Our elected officials continue to thumb their noses at orphan rights and care in the United States. Martin Luther King Jr., gave his life for the cause of civil rights and equality for all; but everyone forgot about the civil rights of American Orphans. American Orphans come in all colors and backgrounds., and many of them are treated worse than the slaves of the past. Even though child labor laws were created to protect kids, orphanages around the country (especially Texas orphans) continue to force children in their care to work hard manual labor to benefit their organizations; not the orphans. It would be nice if someone in Government would speak about this critical issue; but I don't hold out much hope that they will. The American people obviously care about this, but our politicians simply don't consider this to be an important issue. So kids like me will continue to be abused while in the care of their state. Most people know that orphans are abused and mistreated by their care-takers. The stories of abuse and neglect are quite prevalent. Here in Colorado, voters recently recalled 2 State Senators because these Senators stopped listening to the voters. The issue was Gun Control. Unfortunately, our elected officials continue to forget about our orphans, as though things like Gun Control are more important than the abuses and deaths our orphans suffer aren't really that important. There are laws in place to protect our orphans, but they are never enforced. There are agencies who are supposed to oversee Group Homes and Orphanages, but they rarely inspect these facilities. So what are these kids supposed to do? God didn't forget about me while I was an orphan. Gov. Rick Perry tried to cover up that I was a Texas Orphan. I used to ask God to just let me die, so I could escape the abuse I was suffering. This happened to me here in America; and not some foreign country. Any Social Progams for our orphans will cost money to fund, but when our government spends trillions of dollars on pork-belly projects they (not voters) want; it would be very easy to fund some simple orphan care projects to ensure we don't forget about the most vulnerable among us. Hundreds of my readers have suggested a gathering of former orphans. Some have recommended a march on Washington DC, to bring attention to the plight of American orphans. I have the necessary evidence to bring to our governments attention; so at least there is documented case of abuse to show. I'm not trying to bring chaos to America, but with 380 million hits/visits to my website, there are plenty of people who would support such an effort. Thank you everyone for your care and concern.

I've noticed several different petitions making their way through the webisphere for the impeachment of both President Obama, and Texas Governor Rick Perry. It seems that both of their approval ratings have plummeted  to all time lows. I guess Americans are just plain tired of the numerous scandals with Obama; and the "Pay-to-Play" cronyism politics Rick Perry thrives on. I think everyone knows how I feel about both of these guys; so I would strongly recommend to anyone reading this, to sign up for any of the many petitions floating around. If enough people speak up to let Congress know; maybe they'll do something about it.
Pres. Obama calls people who were involved in the recent school shooting, but he can't even acknowledge calls to change the way our orphans are treated. He makes comments about Trayvon Martin; but he refuses to say anything about the travesty that is the dysfunctional care orphans receive right here in the US. Gov. Perry refuses to do anything about Texas orphans, all because they are too young to vote, or contribute to his campaign. God is watching all of the abuse these orphans (like me) endure, and even though God warns us in the Bible not to hurt little children; it's clear that our nation doesn't care. I have 360 million hits on my website, so it's clear someone is listening. I will continue to speak up and fight (if necessary) for the rights of orphan children here in the US. I do care about foreign orphans as well, but I think Americans should care for American orphans, before sending their money abroad. I asked Pres. Obama what his thoughts were regarding the way US orphans are being treated/abused, but he refused to respond to me. He refused to respond, because he doesn't care; just like Rick Perry doesn't care.


I don't know how many of you watch the Steve Wilkos Show. You should take a look at his show when you have a chance. Sometimes, his shows are kinda crazy; but he also has shows about kids being abused, molested and mistreated. For example, today's show had two completely retarded parents, who placed their child in an industrial dryer; kicked the child in the face with steel-toed boots; flicked pennies at the child's head, and yet neither of them felt they had done anything wrong. Where do they find these idiots? As bad as foster care is, these kids would've been better off being in foster care, than with their parents. Hat's off to Steve Wilkos for his advocacy.

Read this link, and you'll see the main problem with our judicial system. It's judges; and their arrogance. Many judges have a "God-complex." They think they can do whatever they want to whoever they want, whenever they want, without any retaliation against them. Although my case is not similar to the case mentioned in the link; it does clearly show the same corruption I experienced with the judges involved in my case. One has to wonder if these judges will ever be held accountable for their actions, at least here on earth. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

Don't get me wrong; I have hispanic heritage in my family and my bloodline, who came to the US legally years and years ago. However, I don't care what race someone is, if they break our laws, they must be held accountable. Instead of trying to write new immigration laws; just enforce the ones we already have. What's the purpose of these laws, if they're not enforced. If our current laws aren't enforced, what makes us think new laws will be enforced?

Try to guess who the real minority is in America? You might be surprised.

Current US population by ethnic diversity

As you can see from the chart, it is the Native American's (the true Americans) who are the true minority. My own Native American heritage is Cheyenne River Sioux. Many of my ancestors were exterminated at Wounded Knee. My husband is Chickasaw. Shortly before Obama was elected to his first-term, he made numerous statements about how he was going to help Native Americans rise from poverty and despair. He has since done little or nothing to fulfill those promises. Thanks to organizations such as the American Indian College Fund, Native Americans are being given opportunities to go to college. Unfortunately, poverty and despair are rampant within tribal communities. Without sufficient opportunities to succeed, this despair will only proliferate. Use your voice, speak up, and tell President Obama to keep his promises. 

Kids - Don't be afraid to tell someone if something bad happens to you; or if someone bad tries to do something bad to you. Don't try to conceal it, as it will only tear you up inside. It may not seem like anyone cares, especially when we have so many government people who don't care about kids anymore; but someone will listen. I asked Pres. Obama several years ago to step-up and help kids; especially kids who have been abused, orphans and foster kids; but he chose not to do anything. His wife just likes to talk about kids who are obese; not kids who have been abused, molested or worse. There are good people out there who will really help you. If the first person you tell doesn't want to help, then ask another, and another. Don't give up. Tell a police officer, tell a school teacher, tell a fireman, tell your doctor.
Don't try to get the President to help you. He will not help. God says to turn the other cheek; but if you're being molested or abused; you do not have to allow this to continue. Don't worry about being disowned, since my family did this to me, after I refused to keep my abuse a secret. Anyone abusing you, doesn't deserve you anyway. Some times its better not to have a family. I didn't have a family, and I turned out just fine. Remember, God warns people who hurt kids, that they would be better off wrapping a large stone around their necks, and be thrown in the ocean, than to hurt a child. This has to stop. President Obama will not do anything to help, so long as his own kids are protected. So don't count on him for anything. Hopefully, the American people will find a way to make kids a priority at the next election. In many other countries, paedophiles are immediately executed upon conviction. The US should do the same.
Lord..please help with all the children, especially those being abused, molested, orphaned or in foster care; as they are the most vulnerable among us. Please tell our government to stop protecting paedophiles in the courts, prison and on the street. Amen

Matthew 6 : 5-6

6:5 - “When you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites, for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Most certainly, I tell you, they have received their reward.

6:6 - But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

I think the Preachers of Mega-Churches never used these verses in their sermons. Makes you wonder, huh? I don't think God intended for churches to be businesses. I don't think that's what he had in mind.

Pope Francis and Marilyn Monroe
Famous Orphans

Did you know that the Prophet Muhammad (Prophet of Islam) was orphaned at age 6?

**30 July 2013**
When the Pope himself has to remind people to exercise "Social Humility" especially when it comes to Orphans and Widows; that really says a lot about our society today. As a society, we're all way too wrapped up in ourselves; our jobs; our interests, that we have forgotten the most vulnerable of all; Orphans! They are without families, without love, without personal guidance; left to their own devices in most cases. More importantly, their "Parent's" (the State that has custody of them) consider them a burden, an added cost, and more trouble than they're worth. This poor attitude about them seems to have proliferated throughout all of government, and down to ordinary citizens. The giant mega-churches dotting American cities; who should be doing more to help orphans, seem more interested in mansions and Cadillacs for their preachers. Take a look at how many States in America have Orphan Programs worthy of mentioning. Do they offer after-care programs; Life-Skills Programs; Education benefits; Therapy, etc? There are no states that offer these essential services. Texas happens to be one of the worst, in terms of how it treats it's Orphans. Texas even tries to cover-up its orphans, in case they're abused and say something to protest.
It's going to take ordinary people like you, to stand up and say something. President Obama has made numerous promises, but kept only a few. His promises about the wonderful things he was going to do for Native Americans never panned out. I've personally sent him several letters asking how he could improve American Orphans lives. He answered none of these. It's politics as usual I guess. Since I didn't donate to his campaign, I shouldn't expect a response from him. It's definitely something to think about. I hope each of you reading this will take the time to write to your Congressional representatives, and ask what's being done about this huge problem. I think you'll be surprised when you don't get an answer.

Born to be an Orphan
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Jack and Donna Harris with their son Scotty
They were going to adopt me in 1973, but changed their mind

Jack and Donna Harris of Corpus Christi Texas took me out of Youth City quite a bit during 1973. They expressed an interest in adopting me. Unfortunately, Donna Harris suddenly changed her mind about adopting me. She didn't want anything to do with me, even though I was only 11 years old. Jack was a great father-figure and quite the opposite from Donna. Once Donna refused to adopt me, I was taken back to Youth City. Of course I was emotionally crushed. I still stay in touch with Jack Harris to this day. Jack divorced Donna a few years after returning me to Youth City.

105 children rescued from child prostitution all across the US. The story says that a majority of these kids came out of Foster Care, but it doesn't mention any orphans. This happens because of the lack of after-care for foster kids and orphans once they leave State care. State and Federal government are aware of the risk to these kids, but do nothing about it. These governments don't even track these kids once they leave state custody. They continue to ignore the problem, and things like this will continue to happen.

Carolyn court document shows her birth 28 Jan 1963

Carolyn new birth certificate shows 23 Jan 1962
See how easy it is for the State of Texas to manipulate birth records?

Due to their political contributions to various Texas officials; and their relationship with organized criminal elements, the MacKenney's were able to change my birth date without difficulty. How is a person supposed to know how old they are? My biological mother clearly stated my birth date was 28 January 1963, but my new adopted parents changed the date, adding a year to my age. My new adopted mother's birthday was 28 January, and I can only speculate that she didn't want my birthday to be the same as her's. How does someone do this? With money, you can do just about anything. They also changed my son's birth certificate as well; after they kidnapped him from Texas Children's Hospital.
Many of the people who adopt orphans today, do so for monetary gain, since the Federal Government offers huge financial incentives to adopting families. In my own neighborhood, a nearby family adopted 6 kids, and they are often overheard bragging that the money they received from the government was used to pay off their house, and the purchases of their new RV and Sport Utility vehicles. People wanting to adopt should do so from their heart; not for the money. The government allows this practice to continue unfortunately. Once these people adopt, noone from the government ever follows-up to ascertain the well-being of these children. In many cases, these children suffer untold abuse at the hands of their new adopted family, just as I did; and noone from the government ever knows about it. People need to speak up about this travesty. Thank you for listening.

Carolyn is now on Twitter. Tweet your thoughts to her @casosbee. Those of you watching the news saw Governor Perry dropping out of the Presidental race. Carolyn kept asking him to explain his record of poor orphan care in his state; and to explain why he is drawing his retirement pension, along with his regular salary; while campaigning for President. Hmmm! The list of illegal activities he is committing continues to grow. Eventually, Texans will wake up. We hope the US Attorney will reveal its investigation results against Rick Perry soon. Carolyn's case will be among these.

*Quote of the month*
"Your worst enemy is often yourself"
Watching TV tonight, I saw a show called "Black in America." Some of them made reference to slavery, even though this is 2012. Everyone needs to understand that even white people have been slaves. I was treated by Texas just like a slave; having been forced to work in cotton fields; trash pickup details, and other labor details, without ever being paid one thin dime. I was also beaten regularly, raped by care-takers and abused repeatedly. I have close friends of virtually every race; and don't have a single prejudiced bone in my body; but it saddens me to hear some blacks still making reference to slavery in 2012, when I know they have not been involved in slavery themselves. Skin color has nothing to do with slavery any more.

Carolyn 4th of July
Prosperity Lake Colorado

One might think that at 51, Carolyn would be slowing down, but they would be wrong. She continues to pursue the State of Texas and the Federal Government to force them to change the current policies governing orphan children in the US.

Carolyn at 51 years old
March 2013 mild winter in Colorado

Why is it that paedophiles get over? Why do molesting Priests get over? Our society has become so nonchalant about these predators. They live among us, in our neighborhoods, and cities; close to our schools and shopping centers, mingling with our children. Even when their convicted of molesting a child, they are segregated in prisons, protected and treated with care. Our system has forgotten about the victims of these monsters. How do they have any rights? Their victims obviously don't have any rights. Did you know that in the Middle East and other places like China and Russia (even developed countries); once a sexual predator is convicted in court, they are immediately taken to another room, and a 50 cent bullet is fired into their brains. There is no tender care for them. Imagine how much money is being saved by this immediate solution. No appeals, no nothing. It also sets an example for other would-be predators. Unfortunately, our government officials believe that these perverts need to be cared for with gentle hands. Our politicians are almost as dysfunctional. Just look at Anthony Weiner, and Elliot Spitzer, who's infidelity is now on the front page of the news. It's no surprise that they think people will simply forgive them. Washington, and other state governments are full of corrupt politicians. Pres. Clinton set a terrible example for Americans with his sexual antics. Our government needs to take their gloves off when dealing with sexual predators. They can't count on judges to convict the creatures, since there are also judges out there who are sexual predators. Who can you trust? No one apparently. There is only one way to deal with a sexual predator; deal with them in a manner consistent with their crimes as harshly as possible. This would definitely serve as a deterrent for other monsters. Americans need to stand together on this. Children are precious in the eyes of God. They are his favorites. Our system doesn't feel the same about our children unfortunately.  It saddens me to know that I had to go outside my own country to find a law firm that was willing to fight for me and other abused orphans in the US. Wish me luck!!

Carolyn Christmas 2011
wishing all orphans could tell Gov. Perry what its like to do without Christmas

Carolyn in the snow 2011
Holding the torch for Texas Orphans

Carolyn playing with Christmas bunny
Happy Holidays everyone

For every tear, He is there. God hasn't forgotten, so please don't forget the children. Click here and listen as a reminder:

Thank you to all 36 million (and counting) visitors to our website.

We have written another book about the evidence surrounding my case. This book is available on Amazon Kindle and is called "Born to be an Orphan." This book simply shows the evidence we've accumulated over the last few years. I hope you will take the time to read it, and support our cause.

Carolyn, age 49

Note from Dr. Tommy Sosbee
From the first day I married Carolyn, she has refused to stop fighting for her rights, and the rights of other Ward's of the State. 38 years of injustice is a long time for anyone to endure, and a weaker person probably would have succumbed by now. Child Abuse is never justifiable, regardless of who commits it.  She will not be forgotten or ignored. I will see to it that she is not forgotten, and will spare no expense to fight this with her. Happy Holidays.

Please take a look at Carolyn's movie as a tribute to kids who didn't make it out.

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Carolyn's battle for full disclosure continues. She appreciates everyone's support. Her book "Can They Hear Me Crying" will be available online and in bookstores soon, and she would really appreciate you reading this fascinating story.

We have discovered that the investigation and case has experienced some major Texas Government interference. Don't trust the State of Texas as they have their own best interests at heart. Remember what the Bible says:
Matthew 18:6 "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."""See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father."

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Governor Perry should read this. Don't try to re-victimize victims. Ward's and Orphan's are always forgotten.

Seeing Governor Perry running for President reminds me that Evil still walks among us.

Watching and Waiting

She cries for those already lost
Carolyn is fighting to change the law

I have received an overwhelming amount of responses to my website; and it is my intention to try and respond to each of you. I know how difficult it must be for each of you who went through this system at Coastal Bend Youth City, since I went throught it too. I ask that you please try to have patience. I have been fighting for this for 38 years now, and am finally getting the results of these labors. I apologize to each of you that I have not had an opportunity to talk to yet. I know that you are victims, and victims have every right to be pissed off. I have received so many emails from others, with herrendous stories of abuse, rape, and torture. Just remember that God don't make no junk. You are somebody, and you have a voice. Through my on going efforts with the State of Texas, I am demanding a full accounting and disclosure for every child in an institution such as Youth City, and hope to have an official commision assembled shortly that will be able to answer everyone's questions; without any stigma of blame attached. Many of you are describing the inability to locate records from the State that you were ever there. I can assure you that there is most likely a record of your stay located in the archives at the State capital. Also, if you were baptized at any of the local churches around Youth City, there is a record of this as well. That's what I did. Keep the faith and don't give up. I have talked to some of you and have heard that in your desparation, you may have been considering suicide. I ask that you understand that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and if any of you are religous, you know what suicide will result in regarding your soul. We are a unique group of traumatized individuals, and often we find that even loved ones will not believe our story. We must keep our faith strong and never give up. I hope and pray that each of you will remember what happened, and that this cover-up by the State is coming to an end. Through our efforts we can ensure that this never happens to another child again. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I've discovered that many of you were not classified as "Ward's of the State," and if you were at Youth City as a foster child; the State did not have a legal responsibility to maintain any records of your time there. Please leep this in mind when trying to locate documentation.

My website is for all kids who for one reason or another find themselves abandoned, or in State Care. You need to know that you do matter, and that there are people out there who really do care. I will not stop trying to help other kids going through the same system I did. The State of Texas can try to slam the door in my face; but I will keep knocking on the door until someone opens it. Beware of predators; they might seem like a friend who listens, but be careful.
The State of Texas must understand that they cannot simply ignore the Ward's of the State in their care. They cannot try to erase their records. They cannot abandon them. They have a life-long responsibility to Ward's of the State, because the State serves as the child's parent. Kids don't just disappear when they push a button. There must be after care as well.

My adoptive mother and father were severe alcoholics; and someone from the State should have seen this during their assessment....Oh wait" the State never conducted an assessment of my adoptive parents because they were wealthy. There is a double standard in Texas when it comes to adopting a child. The State doesn't ask rich candidates questions like; "Are you a pervert," or "Are you a Child Molester," or "Are you a drunk;" but an average couple gets asked these type of questions.

Carolyn - 2007
After meeting with some local kids

I continue to meet with at-risk youth in my local area to let them know that they do have a voice; and to make sure they know that there is always hope.

As you read through my website, you might be asking yourself why someone like me does what I do? Honestly, it's because, unlike the State of Texas, I care about what happens to kids...all kids, not just one or two. I don't ever want to see what happened to me, happen to another child anywhere in the world; and especially not in Texas, or the US. I have been able to develop a very unique sense which allows me to be able to know if someone is a pervert, just by asking them a few questions. As long as the State of Texas continues to hire perverts to care for Ward's of the State, my work will continue. There are literally thousands of people dealing with children at the local, state and federal levels who have somehow slipped through the cracks, and are now somewhere in a position to molest a child. They think that no one knows; or that they won't get caught; but I can promise you (if you're a pervert, and you're reading this) your day is coming. The reason I survived the years of abuse, torture and molestation while I was a Ward of the State; was because I refused to let it beat me. I was determined to fight back and tell anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, when I told Senator Cornyn and Governor Perry, they both tried to act like they were doing something to help; but neither of them did anythng. You might ask how I have been able to stick with this twisted issue for so long; and it's because we can longer afford to ignore these deviant people being placed in charge of Ward's and Orphan's. There a thousands of child care facilities throughout the State of Texas; and most, if not all, operate to make a profit, and not necessarily to take care of children. The State of Texas facilities are no different. Youth City was trying to make money by allowing the children there to work in the fields, and collect revenue for this. The priority should have remained the care of the children.
Families considering adoption should be more strenuously screened to ensure they don't have any dirty secrets that might endanger a child. I know that with Judges, Doctors and Lawyers; and even priests being charged with child molestation these days; there needs to be a more rigorous screening performed on any one that may be exposed to a child. This is a very twisted world these perverts live in. It has taken me a lifetime to learn what those tell-tell signs of perversion are. I have also learned that  once your a pervert, you'll always be a pervert. This next step should be to take all of the perverts to an island that can only be reached by plane or aircraft, and leave them there to survive; with all of the other perverts.
Over the years, all types of mental doctor tried to figure out why I was angry about what the State of Texas did to me; but their problem was that they had never experienced what I had as a Ward of the State. So how could they analyze me?
Today is Mother's Day, and I am with my children and grand-children. My husband is in Iraq doing his part to preserve our freedoms. I survived the State of Texas because I had a strong will to survive, and because I refused to give up.

26 February 2009 - Today we're in Houston Texas meeting my son George. It has been truly amazing to finally see my son after all of the years that have passed. He understands what happened, and how we were separated so many years ago, and how long I have fought to find him.
Sadly, after meeting my son George, we quickly realized that he and his girlfriend were only meeting with us for financial gain. It appears as though they were deceptive, and attempted to manipulate the situation for their own personal gain. Once we discovered this, they quickly wanted nothing else to do with us. Clearly it looks my adoptive parents trained him well.
Fox26 News asked to see my documentation regarding my fight with the State of Texas, and I felt good that just maybe they might be willing to tell my story; but unfortunately they now have cold feet and are backing out on spreading the word. Such a shame.

I'm waiting to hear from the State. Judge McDaniels couldn't destroy the microfilm the State keeps in its archives. Officer Vera was taped claiming that he found these archived records. He also claimed that he had never seen anything like this case before. He did not know that I was taping his entire conversation. When the State asked me to send my declaration, I wrote 6 pages, and overnight mailed it to Austin Texas. The last phone call I got from Judge McDaniels was that he wanted me to wait until he was dead to publish this issue;  I've seen not only my issues being discussed, but others being discussed as well. I came from trash, and I continue to revel in the essence of the State squirming. When your owned by the State, its important that everyone involved understands their responsibilities and the repercussions of maltreatment. My kids mean more to me than anything. Judge McDaniels  was a bad guy, and wanted to know that his secret was safe. Clearly that is not the case.

Carolyn at age 47 on Presidents Day
I am very happy to see you George

Carolyn August 2009

No child should have to suffer
No child should be abused

My website is dedicated to all children wandering around , hopelessly lost within the Child Welfare System; in institutions; group homes or in foster care. You have a voice if only you use it. It may not seem like it; but eventually someone will hear you.

My name is Carolyn. I spent all of my childhood traveling through the Texas Child Welfare System, from one institution to another; never once having my best interests considered by those in positions of authority. It is for this reason, I decided to create this website; as a venue for others in similar situations.

After more than a quarter of a century Carolyn continues to keep this in the fore-front of the Texas elected officials.

A child should be considered a gift from God. A child does not have a label on it that says, " Throw away when no longer needed." The State of Texas has a great deal of learning to do when it comes to "Ward's of the State."

What's New?

The Texas Civil Rights Project rejected my plea for assistance citing limited resources. Don't be discouraged by this..they may be able to handle your specific issue(s).

UPDATE!! As of 5 January 2009, US Senator John Cornyn (Texas-R) turned his Congressional Inquiry results to Texas Governor Rick Perry. I have already received letters from Texas Youth Commissions Chief of Staff stating how apologetic they are for what happened to me while I was a "Ward of the State," but that his agency was not responsible. Hmmmmm! Not quite sure what that means. He does apologize and say that whoever did these awful things to me should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Clearly the State of Texas is responsible for what happened to me. Child Protective Services put me in Youth City, and the MacKenney's prematurely removed me without court authority. Everyone involved needs to be jailed. Hopefully, we will find out exactly what the state is doing, shortly. Otherwise, I will publish this to every major newspaper in the State of Texas. This would make a lot of people famous, just not the same kind of famous they would like. Wish me luck !!

Sen. John Cornyn and Texas Gov. Rick Perry

I will try to provide updates on current legislation; lawmakers who are carrying the torch for those like us, and different contact information for those able to assist.

I will try my best to push our lawmakers to create and pass legislation that will protect former "Ward's of the State." Protection should come in many forms; such as free college tuition; free attorney utilization in case litigation is needed, or if compensation is due the ward. Assistance with records searching; to include research involving biological parents in case medical history needs to be ascertained. These and many other forms of protection are crucial to the success of a released "Ward of the State." Interviews with the Attorney General's Office to determine if criminal charges should be filed against offenders who violated the ward's civil rights is essential, so the laws concerning statutes of limitations are met.

You can all see what is happening here. Many of my closest friends keep asking me why I don't have an attorney. Until now, I have been keeping up the good fight by myself. The State has endless resources, and probably feels confident that no attorney in their right mind would go up against them. What the State does not realize, is that I have all of the evidence. So, if there are any attorney's out there willing to stand up for the rights of children to see that this travesty does not happen to another child; please contact me at

The State of Texas will go to extraordinary measures to protect itself. US Senator John Cornyn (Texas-R) offered to conduct a Congressional Inquiry into abuse; molestation and trauma I suffered as a “Ward of the State of Texas.” He made this offer because he felt strongly that numerous things that were done by the State of Texas were incorrect. During the course of his inquiry, he discovered that the agencies whose job it is to protect and care for “Ward’s of the State,” had actually gone to extensive lengths to destroy official documents, and to cover up any evidence that I was ever a “Ward of the State.”


The records detailing my childhood journey to juvenile court, where my adoptive parents gave me to the state, have been destroyed as well. All documentation showing that I was at Coastal Bend Youth City in Driscol Texas was destroyed as well. There is no documentation authorizing my premature removal from Coastal Bend Youth City. All of my records from Social Services case workers visits were also destroyed.


Former Kleberg County Judge W.C. McDaniels sexually assaulted me in an office downstairs in the Kleberg County Courthouse, and he would always threaten me by saying that he would send me to the State Home. Finally, when I had had enough of him, I threatened to tell his wife what he was doing to me. He stopped molesting me. He may have had everything to do with the disappearance of my records, as well as my premature removal from State Custody (CBYC), by the very same people that had dropped me off at Juvenile Hall claiming that they were giving me back to the State, 7 years earlier.


The sad fact is, Senator Cornyn’s office was given sufficient evidence by me, as well as the primary Texas Youth Commission’s investigator Officer Orlando Vera. Senator Cornyn’s office recently sent a letter to me stating that they did not possess the necessary resources to continue its investigation, but that he had turned things over to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s office. After repeated requests to have his staff explain to me what was going on, I’m being told that “these things take time to investigate.”


Fortunately for me, I kept certain documents to clearly prove that I was a resident (captive) of CBYC; and who my House Parent was; photographs of me at CBYC and documents showing that I had been removed while I was still a minor. Sadly, my trust fund from CBYC disappeared with the former CBYC Director J.B. Moore as well. According to a Texas Youth Commission Criminal Analyst, “There is sufficient evidence to conduct an investigation.” The acts that the now deceased Kleberg County Judge W.C. McDaniels committed against me were supposedly turned over to the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Department for investigation, but to date, I have heard nothing from the Sheriff’s Department.


What is painfully apparent is that my adoptive parents were able to basically give me to the State of Texas for 7 years, and they did not have to pay a single dime for my care. Then suddenly, as if nothing had ever happened, they showed up at CBYC unannounced, and took me away, with no legal documents, no court order, nothing. Now, Child Protective Services, and Social Services state that they have no documents to verify my existence at CBYC; even though their workers visited me at CBYC from time to time. I guess those visits weren’t documented either.


Not only was I raped, molested, beaten, starved and worked like I was on a chain-gang; I also had my supposed earnings stolen from me. I was isolated; not allowed out on outings; never provided dental care or medical care; barely educated, and left with no life skills other than the uncanny knack of staying alive. I have had every door I’ve opened slammed in my face at every level of State Government when I wanted answers.  The sad fact is; I was the victim then, and I remain the victim even today.


The State of Texas knows very well that it is wholly responsible for what happened to me while I was a “Ward of the State.” What I have gotten so far is a lot of “It wasn’t me,” or “it wasn’t our department or agency.” The State has refused to speak to my adoptive parents to ascertain exactly how they were able to prematurely remove me from the State’s care without a court order. This has allowed my adoptive parents to flourish and continue their deception. CBYC was forced to close in 2004 under horrible conditions. My former House Parent now lives in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s disease, and doesn’t even remember her own name. Former Judge W.C. McDaniels is also deceased, as is the former Director of CBYC J.B. Moore.


Where are all the records of the kids who were forced to survive in that awful place called Coastal Bend Youth City? Where are all of my records? My journey through this system began in the early 70’s, and should have been well-documented. The year I spent in Harris County Juvenile Hall; my court appearance in front of a Juvenile Court Judge where my adopted parents relinquished their custody of me; Child Protective Services escorting me to CBYC in Driscoll Texas; 5 years at CBYC; Bishop ISD school records; numerous visits with social workers at CBYC; numerous visits with Judge W.C. McDaniels, and ultimately my premature removal from CBYC by my adopted parents.


There appears to have been a concerted effort on the part of the State of Texas, to destroy any records of my time spent in their care, or their facilities. When I returned to CBYC in 1992 and spoke with the Director Ron Rossi, he stated that my records had been taken out behind the facility and burned. He also stated that he had no idea about my trust fund, or who might have handled it. Going back to CBYC was horrific for me, and took me some time to get over. I don’t think I will ever really be over it. The state knows that I was at CBYC, but they cannot determine how I left there.


At the very least, the State of Texas owes me an apology for what happened. It should also compensate me for my stolen trust fund (with interest), and compensation for the torture and abuse I suffered while making the journey through their system. The people of the State of Texas would shudder to know that things like this are happening right under their noses. What do you think the Governor and the Senator would do if this had happened to their child? My website is for those like me who have somehow fallen into the cracks that make up the Child Welfare System of Texas.


It is for the child who has somehow gotten lost in the bureaucracy and red tape, and who is now only a number or a statistic. The State of Texas has a difficult time admitting that it did something wrong, but the more people who read this, and talk to their elected officials, surely there can and will be some kind of response.



On 15 January 2009 Texas Governor Rick Perry’s office informed me that while what happened to me was reprehensible and unimaginable, the fact of the matter is, TYC was not responsible for Coastal Bend Youth City, and therefore this matter was closed. Wow, that’s hard to believe. Child Protective Services took me to CBYC and left me there for 5 years. Is CPS not a State agency, and why would they take a Ward of the State to a facility not under the scrutiny of the State; not bound by State Child Care policies and Regulations? Additionally, US Senator John Cornyn (Texas-R) staff informed me of roughly the same thing. Because CBYC was not a TYC operated facility, and that only occasionally did CPS bring kids to CBYC; then there was nothing more they could do.


When a child becomes a Ward of the State; the State essentially becomes the child’s guardian or parent. They are obligated to ensure that child’s best interests are served at all times. They are also obligated to ensure that the child is protected; not abused, nurtured, educated and cared for. I was not protected; I was abused severely; I was not educated nor cared for. So, on all counts, the State of Texas failed me, and they continue to fail me. It seems as though political survival is more important to these two elected officials. They have both shown me who they really are, and how much they really care.


How does the State of Texas find out that something like this happened, and simply say, “So”? It is completely ridiculous. I may have been born in Texas, but right now I’m glad I no longer live in Texas. Please don’t let these elected officials and State agencies get away with this. If this happened to you, would you stop trying to fight this? One thing I am certain of is that I will never stop trying to help other children in similar situations. The truth is right under our noses. The State of Texas was essentially my parent for 7 years, and now they act as though they have disowned me, or turned their back on me. My adoptive parents were abusing me shortly after adopting me, which ended up being the reason they relinquished their custody of me.


Why would the State allow me to return to the very same abuse 7 years later, without allowing the matter to go back to court? It clearly shows that my best interests were not considered. It’s as though I had no rights. If a normal parent did to their child, what the state and my adoptive parents did to me, they would be put under the jail. I have no help, no shoulder to cry on, nothing. I am on my own when it comes to fighting the State. The good people of the State of Texas have a powerful voice. If they will speak out about this to their elected officials, perhaps they can stop this from happening to another child. The really sad fact is, my adopted parents didn’t get into any trouble for what they did to me, because the State played in role in my records being destroyed, and if the State tried to get my adopted parents in trouble, they have to arrest themselves too

The State of Texas does not have the right to judge me; it should instead judge itself, for what it has allowed to permeate for 30 years. Once it decided to knowingly destroy official documents; it became an immediate accomplice to this massive crime. It deserves to be treated no better than the common criminal would be.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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