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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

A piece of my story, and what happened to me during my own journey - Carolyn

I was born in San Antonio Texas on 23 January 1962 to John and Ruth Whitbeck. Both parents were in their 40s when I was born. Neither of them were able to care for me or my 3 siblings, and we often found ourselves passed around to friends and neighbors frequently. Many friends were Hispanic, so even at the age of 4, none of us had learned to speak correctly; using a combination of broken English and Spanish. Our parents eventually left us at an old junkyard in San Antonio to fend for ourselves. We were discovered roughly 2 months later, and sent to what was formerly called "The Mexican Orphanage." In 1969 I was adopted by George and Mayree MacKenney of San Antonio. My adoption only resulted in my being abused both physically and sexually by the MacKenneys children. Eventually they took me and dropped me off at a Juvenile Detention Center in Harris County Texas; where I was labeled by the staff as a "Ward of the State." After traveling through numerous other facilities and foster homes, I was eventually taken to a group home in Driscoll Texas known as "Coastal Bend Youth City" in early 1970. I was one of only four children who were classified as wards of the state; and one of only a few who were Caucasian. Many of the Youth City staff members were not educationally able to serve in the positions they held; resulting in abuse to the children in their charge. Being a ward of the state, I was required to visit the County Judge periodically, where I was subjected to further sexual abuse. I was forced to work on work details, supposedly earning money for myself. These monies were to be deposited into individual trust funds; and managed by the then Director of Youth City J.B. Moore's son. I learned later that he had absconded with my trust fund. While I resided at Youth City, I never once saw a physician, or a dentist; was rarely ever allowed to attend school or other outings. Never once did any official from the State of Texas ever stop by to visit me, to ensure I was being cared for properly. Please keep in mind that I never committed any crime, or broke any law. After numerous years at Youth City, with no contact from the outside world, my adopted parents George and Mayree MacKenney just stopped by, and told the director that they were taking me home. There was no protest from the director; no questions asked; no notification from the state. I was loaded up and whisked away. Back into the arms of the very same people I had been removed from so many years ago. They claimed they had taken a family vote to see if it would be alright for me to come home. It wasn't very long before the same abuse started again; however this time I was a young blossoming woman. My brothers found me fascinating to gawk at, even spying on me while in the shower. I had to leave, after I discussed this with my mother and found her to be less than sympathetic. I found myself homeless at 15-1/2. On the streets of Tomball Texas. I finally met a young man who said he would help me. I wound up pregnant shortly afterwards. I tried to do all of the right things, and enrolled at the local High School; took a part-time job and learned to drive. My mother eventually found out where I was and offered to pay for the birth of my child; which I accepted. For awhile, things got better between us. When my baby George was two, he developed Spinal Meningitis and had to be hospitalized. My mother had been caring for him that weekend while I took a break. She had him admitted listing her as the mother. Once I found out, I rushed to the hospital, only to find that the hospital wouldn't allow me in. My mother finally came out and told me that if I interfered, my baby would die. So I backed away. Two weeks later I received a summons to appear in court for charges of abandonment. My mother used my child's illness to win custody of him. Such evil people they turned out to be. Later I tried to obtain copies of my records from the State of Texas regarding the time I spent as a Ward of the State, but was told that my records had been destroyed right after I left Youth City. For all intents and purposes; my childhood no longer existed. To this day, every request for information regarding my childhood; my time spent in the system; my adoption; my biological parents and any records available have been met with resistance by the State of Texas. My civil rights were definitely violated while I was a Ward of the State. I personally know of hundreds of other children wandering around through the system without a voice; wondering if anyone out there can hear their cries for help. They deserve to be heard. In 1985 I married Tommy Sosbee, and we have two beautiful children together. He is a Doctor of Business and has helped me to realize what happened to me as a child. He wrote my book called "Can They Hear Me Crying?" which details my experiences. Unfortunately, every publishing company we have approached, did not feel strongly about the book, and as such have declined to publish us. I keep my faith in God that one day soon, our story will be told.

Can They Hear Me Crying?

What a story!

I describe my life in a little more detail here. (Hard to believe, huh?)


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Mommy Dearest. The Burning Bed

After losing Sabra and Little Dee, this song has brought me comfort.

Arash feat. Helena "Broken Angel"

These songs are dedicated to the memories of my sweet infant daughter Sabra who passed away at birth; and my son George who was so violently stolen from me, at such an early age by my adoptive parents.

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