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To all of the people who have wronged me over the years; I asked God what I should do about all of you. God told me that I should forgive you; because carrying around such anger is not a good thing. So I forgive all of you. God didn't say that I have to forget you though. How could I possibly forget what you've done? All kinds of people have bullied me over the years; President's, Governor's, Senator's, etc. I learned a long time ago how to deal with bullies. During my time at Youth City, I dealt with each of the bullies in their own special way. This was not revenge; but it was defending myself, and those who could not defend themselves. I was protecting myself, and the little ones. After awhile, there were no more bullies. Of course the politician bullies are still out there; as are the Governor bullies. How should they be dealt with? Is this Karma or what? It is highly doubtful that any of them will ever see the face of God. They are not godly, except in their own minds. God knows fakers. Bullies will normally bully their own family members too. Every day you can see the talk shows like Steve Wilkos, and watch the parents there who bully their own children. God will settle this with these parents later. 2/20/2015

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