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I now know how my beautiful mother felt. She was abandoned by her own family. Something terrible happened to the Bingham sisters of Chariton Iowa. People know what happened, but it's almost like a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. My mother told me what happened. She even gave me one of her diary's. How did the youngest sister get adopted when her real parents were still alive? Some of the Bingham's even think that don't have to pay their taxes. I pay mine! My ex was a neurologist and he paid his taxes too. Here we are in 2019, and 99% of the Bingham's (wherever they are) just don't care about anyone other than themselves. All of my siblings who call Ruth their mother, now act like she never existed. Do any of them realize what she went through? No they don't. They need to stop acting like they're better than everyone. They came out of the same vagina I did. But they didn't have to go to an orphanage like I did. I look at my siblings now, and I see sour-puss, crotchety old bastards; and all of them have failed. I am the only one who turned out to be a Christian. So sad. My own siblings are even jealous of me. I'm the only one who grew up to look just like my mother. Wow. But just because I'm pretty doesn't mean you can bully me, like you've done to my mother. Remember I was raised in an orphanage. They weren't. It toughened me up. I can fight as good as a man. I don't start fights but I do finish them. I guess that I'm too much woman for my siblings. Always have been. Always will be. No love lost!! My mother Ruth told me that she loved me. My father John Whitbeck told me that he loved me. Isn't that all that matters?? They told me to change the bloodline. I have done that now. As a reminder, my family tree has a copyright on it for 25 years. My children have instructions on how to renew the copyright as well. Thanks to Professor Allen and other professional researchers for assembling my family tree. Whoever donated the millions of dollars to keep the research going; thank you too. All of you Bingham's can keep the pictures you have of Ruth. I have a copyright on the pictures I have, so if any of you tries to use them, you'll find yourselves in court. Jealousy equals misery. This is why you're all so miserable. Or you can do your own family tree. I'm very proud of mine. My friends treat me better than my own siblings. What a shame. I had hoped that they were Christians, but it doesn't look like it. God please forgive them. They all know better.

Hi Sandy, one more thing for you; I was going to attach a copy of the Bexar County Court documents that I had unsealed regarding my adoption; where it shows that Ruth Whitbeck Foster, not John Whitbeck, was in court giving up her custody of four of her children, to four strangers. It's too big to attach it though. It looks like the story you were told about us wasn't true. I was only 6 at the time, but I remember what happened. I'm pretty sure you were 16 at the time, still living with Mom in San Antonio. I'll bet you still have a vivid memory of what happened too. Anyway, If you feel like sharing what you remember about what happened in 1968, you can email me at Thanks again.

Sandra Grandstaff says:

She never had any kids by foster

To Sandy Grandstaff:
Believe it or not, I remember what you and Pamela did to me before Mom gave us away. You and Pamela were on drugs, partying, drinking and having way too much sex for girls your age. Your brother Robert had to go live with his grandparents because of it. Basically, you were whores. So you convinced Mom to give us away. Did you realize that your much older boyfriend's were molesting me? Did you even care? Or did you watch? Who gave me those black eyes? Why did I have to cook eggs for my siblings, when I was only 3 years old. Why did one of your older boyfriend's throw me against the wall? Why did I have to take beatings for my siblings? Why were you jealous of a 3 year old? You don't have to pretend it didn't happen anymore. You don't have to pretend that you're a Christian. Because you're not. You'll never be a Christian. Try reading Matthew 18:6. Then you'll know where you'll go when you die. You made us suffer and exposed us to your own brand of evil. I also discovered that you had a crush on my Dad John. He told me what you tried to do to him. What a whore you were (still are). Steve Bess Sr, raped me in Wichita KS and caused my baby to be stillborn. That makes him a murderer. He was also a bonafide pedophile. Were you screwing him too? Probably. I think you're the same as Dorothy (Wendy). She is a prolific whore. She's been arrested for prostitution over 200 times. She's married (for money) to at least 75 different men. She even briefly married her own adopted brother. Then participated in his murder. Her adopted mother did the same thing to her ex-husband. He starved to death. But now, in 2019 when you're almost 68 years old, you're still holding your secrets closely, thinking no one knows. I'm here to tell you that I know everything. Mom told me before she died. Dad told me before he died. Mom gave me one of her diaries too. She knew that Steve was a pedophile. I'm glad she left him, and made him suffer. No more boom boom for him. So he blows his own head off. Who cares? No one does. He's in hell where he belongs, like the rest who played a part in abusing me. Those still above ground, will have to pay too. The millstone awaits them. They too will be drowned in the depths of the sea. I'm glad. God is just and righteous, but vengeance is his. He has already told us how he deals with those who mistreat or harm a child or orphan. Look it up in the Bible. I am an orphan. You abused me. You're still abusing me and lying to me. You're still jealous of me. You know that everything I'm saying is true. You even admitted it to me on the phone. You can't change what you did to me. If I were you I would start telling the truth to anyone who'll listen. Maybe God will forgive you, and maybe he won't. I know that you are not going where I'm going. I know that I will see the face of God. Stop acting like you're better than me. I know that you lost a lot when the Kansas DOR took everything because you didn't pay your taxes. I see that you and your sister Pam are now pushing 450 lbs, so it won't be long before all of the weight will be too much for your hearts to bear. I'm 125 lbs. I work out daily. I watch what I eat. I'm almost 60, but everyone thinks I'm 35. Of course I correct them. No need to lie. It's all about good genes. You haven't changed since you were 16. Sadly, you're a prolific liar. That hasn't changed. Maybe one day, you'll wake up.

Two of my siblings
Things are not what they seem.

To all of the people who have wronged me over the years; I asked God what I should do about all of you. God told me that I should forgive you; because carrying around such anger is not a good thing. So I forgive all of you. God didn't say that I have to forget you though. How could I possibly forget what you've done? All kinds of people have bullied me over the years; President's, Governor's, Senator's, etc. I learned a long time ago how to deal with bullies. During my time at Youth City, I dealt with each of the bullies in their own special way. This was not revenge; but it was defending myself, and those who could not defend themselves. I was protecting myself, and the little ones. After awhile, there were no more bullies. Of course the politician bullies are still out there; as are the Governor bullies. How should they be dealt with? Is this Karma or what? It is highly doubtful that any of them will ever see the face of God. They are not godly, except in their own minds. God knows fakers. Bullies will normally bully their own family members too. Every day you can see the talk shows like Steve Wilkos, and watch the parents there who bully their own children. God will settle this with these parents later. 2/20/2015

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